Trans Am Competitors, Crew and Alumni make Presence Felt at SCCA Runoffs

October 3, 2017

Trans Am Competitors, Crew and Alumni make Presence Felt at SCCA Runoffs

MIAMI, Fla.  [October 3, 2017] – While the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli made its preparations to head east to New Jersey Motorsports Park, many—a total of 36 past and present—members of the Trans Am family took to the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the SCCA Runoffs this past weekend. 

In total, seven championships had ties to the Trans Am Series as participants, or in one case as a crew member, with David Pintaric, Andrew Aquilante, John Buttermore, Keith Grant, Alex Mayer and Bryan Long all taking titles.  

The podium continued to feature Trans Am competitors past and present with Michael Lewis, Cliff Ebben, Preston Calvert, Adam Andretti, Mark Boden and former Kryderacing crew member Ray Huffmaster all claiming a step of their own.  

The Trans Am Series wishes to extend its congratulations to all of its competitors, crew members and friends, past and present, who made their own history at the runoffs and looks forward to seeing them soon.  

The full list of SCCA Runoffs Participants with ties to Trans Am: 

GT1 - David Pintaric (Kryderacing)
GT2 - Andrew Aquilante (Phoenix Performance)
T1 - Andrew Aquilante (Phoenix Performance)
T2 - John M. Buttermore (Nearbrook Motorsports)
FA - Keith Grant (Grant Racing)
FB - Alex Mayer (Roehrig Motorsports)
AS - Bryan Long (C&P Installations - crew)

Podium Finishes:
GT1 - 2nd Place - Michael Lewis (Autocon Motorsports - alumni)
GT1 - 3rd Place - Cliff Ebben (Lamers Motorsports)
GT2 - 2nd Place - Preston Calvert (Phoenix Performance)
GT2 - 3rd Place - Adam Andretti (ECC Motorsports)
T1 - 3rd Place - Mark Boden (Fall-Line Motorsports)
T2 - 2nd Place - Mark Boden (Fall-Line Motorsports)
T2 - 3rd Place - Preston Calvert (Phoenix Performance)
STU - 2nd Place - Ray Huffmaster (Kryderacing - crew - alumni)

Other Finishes:
GT1 - 4th Place - Jeff Hinkle (American V8 Road Racing)
GT1 - 5th Place - AJ Henriksen (ECC Motorsports)
GT1 - 7th Place - Zach Monette (Monette Racing - alumni)
GT1 - 9th Place - David Fershtand (Fershtand Race Prepared - alumni)
GT1 - 13th Place - Bob Monette (Monette Racing - alumni)
GT1 - 15th Place - Claudio Burtin (Burtin Racing)

GT2 - 7th Place - Aaron Quine (Quine Racing)
GT2 - 8th Place - Mark Boden (Fall-Line Motorsports)
GT2 - 10th Place - Bobby Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy Racing - alumni)
GT2 - 16th Place - Oli Thordarson (Alvaka Networks)
GT2 - 20th Place - Bobby Reuse (Reuse Brothers Racing - alumni)
GT2 - 21st Place - Roger Reuse (Reuse Brothers Racing - alumni)
GT2 - 22nd Place - Tyler Thielmann (So Bright Racing)
GT2 - 26th Place - Tim Gray (Tim Gray Racing)

T1 - 6th Place - John M. Buttermore (Nearbrook Motorsports)
T1 - 14th Place - Joe Aquilante (Phoenix Performance - crew)
T1 - 15th Place - Andrew Entwistle (Phoenix Performance)

T2 - 9th Place - Joe Aquilante (Phoenix Performance - crew)
T2 - 19th Place - John R. Buttermore (Nearbrook Motorsports)

T4 - 14th Place - Jim Ebben (Lamers Motor Racing - crew)
T4 - 30th Place - Matt Miller (Kryderacing - crew)

AS - 4th Place - Daniel Richardson (Total Performance Racing - crew - alumni)
AS - 14th Place - Kelly Lubash (Payne-West Racing - crew - alumni)

FB - DNS - Todd Peterson (Team of Two Racing)

P2 - 6th Place - Jake Thielmann (So Bright Racing - crew)

SRF3 - 62nd Place - Matt Gray (Tim Gray Racing - crew)

STU - 26th Place - Rob Huffmaster (Kryderacing - alumni)

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