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With over 800 horsepower, the sights and sounds of the Trans Am presented by Pirelli TA class resonate with much of the history of the pinnacle classes of North American motorsports, where power easily exceeded mechanical grip and aerodynamic downforce. These aggressive machines have a legacy that is decades in the making. With their remarkable speed, incredible sound, and the visceral challenges of pure racing thanks to electronic driver aids being banned, the fans love the cars of the TA class as much as its drivers do.
The TA2 class presented by AEM brings back the "Muscle Car Wars" of the 60's and 70's, when revered brands like the Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford released hot rod versions of their Camaro, Challenger and Mustang to try to prove who made the best performance cars on the American roads. The competition is incredibly close thanks to rules that keep an equal eye on the bottom line as well as the finish line.

Some of the most technically interesting cars racing today are the FIA GT3 cars. However, most series for these cars have a narrow window of eligibility that requires frequent expensive updates to remain eligible. When these cars lose their eligibility, there is usually still a lot of racing life left in them. Xtreme GT was created to give former GT3 cars a class in which they can continue to show their amazing performance potential in a professional series. XGT is focused on 2016, and earlier, GT3 cars. Additionally, XGT will welcome cars from other series that have advanced performance potential equivalent to these older GT3 cars. Those other cars, including 2017, and later, GT3 cars are adjusted to the older GT3 cars as necessary.

The SuperGT class is the playground for an incredible range of production based machines. From the high-revving sports cars from Europe, like those from BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, to the ground pounding American performance cars with large-displacement engines like the Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs, and Vipers. The SuperGT class is this highest performance option of Trans Am's GT classes, with a wide scope of freedom for innovation built into the rules.

Harking back to the very start of Trans Am, when production street cars were modified just enough to go racing, the GT class machines are "limited-preparation" with the vast majority of parts being utilized coming straight off the showroom floor. Whether competing with a factory-built race car purchased on the second-hand market, or building a race car from one of the common performance models on the street, the GT Class makes racing more affordable while maintaining the thrill of competition.

Trans Am 101

The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli

In November of 2017, the Trans Am Series announced a remarkable new three-year partnership making Pirelli the Official Tire of Trans Am and presenting sponsor for the Series, now entitled “The Trans Am Series, presented by Pirelli.”

From the very beginning, Pirelli has gone above and beyond expectations to produce purpose-built P Zero tires for the TA and TA2 classes, creating a new level of performance for two truly American racing platforms.

“Trans Am is one of the biggest names in America, with close, affordable and popular racing that showcases thrilling competition,” said Pirelli’s Motorsport Director Paul Hembery. “With our involvement in the Pirelli World Challenge, as well as different one-make series in the USA and the recently-opened P Zero World store in Los Angeles, Pirelli’s links with American auto racing have never been stronger.”

“This new agreement with Trans Am is part of a wider plan to continue growing the commercial motorsports business in the North American market,” added Pirelli’s North American Vice President of Motorsports, Communications and Prestige, Rafael Navarro. “Our direction was clear from the beginning and we have developed and produced a product that introduces radial technology to all categories, improving performance while maintaining the characteristics fans have come to appreciate from Trans Am racing.”

The extensive tire development process undertaken by Pirelli to develop a product for the TA2 class spanned six months and the result is a product many TA2 drivers will find familiar. Now Pirelli’s hard work and dedication will be on display throughout the 2017 Trans Am Championship as the newly entitled Trans Am Series, presented by Pirelli, gears up for yet another banner year.

About Pirelli: 

Pirelli Tire North America designs, develops, manufactures and markets tires for passenger vehicles in both the original equipment and replacement markets as well as markets and distributes tires for motorcycles and motorsports. Located in Rome, Georgia, Pirelli’s Modular Integrated Robotized System (MIRS) employs state-of-the-art technology to manufacture tires for both export and domestic markets. For more information, please visit

The Trans Am Series Competition Format

A Trans Am Series race is 100 miles in length, and does not require a mandatory pit stop for fueling, tires or driver changes.  As a sprint, it is driver versus driver, and that means its flat out racing from start to finish.

The series generally has four to five on-track sessions, including two practices (30 to 45 minutes in length), one qualifying session (also 30 to 45 minutes in length), a warm-up (promoter optional, 15 to 20 minutes in length) and race.  Depending on the circuit, a 90-minute window, including pre- and post-race activities, will be sufficient to complete the race.

Trans Am Series Management

The Trans Am Race Company, LLC manages the day to day business of the Trans Am Series, including marketing, public relations and promotions, while SCCA Pro Racing provides contracted event operations services.

The Trans Am Race Company is owned by a passionate group of Trans Am team owners and competitors with a long history of success and a desire to return the series to prominence.

Series Sanction

The Trans Am Series is sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc. 

SCCA Pro Racing has been at the forefront of the professional racing landscape in the United States with such landmark series as Trans Am, Can-Am and Formula 5000.

2020 Trans Am


Feb 29 - Mar 01
Sebring International Raceway
Sebring, FL
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