Trans AM 101

The ability to make even the most seasoned of racecar drivers stop what they are doing and watch the roar of an 850 horsepower engine causing every head in the paddock to turn and take notice. The TA car does that and more—and still has the speed to back it all up.
Designed, built and tuned with only one thing in mind—performance. With engines restricted to just under 500 horsepower, longevity is promoted while not sacrificing performance. TA2 is home to the modern pony wars and is the fastest growing class in North America.
A global competition of high performance production racecars, TA3 pits American powerhouse against exotics from across the world. Corvettes and Vipers compete with BMWs and Aston Martins in a production class the pays tribute to Trans Am’s global production racing heritage.
TA4 is the Trans Am home of production American muscle, as the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang continue a decade old competition that spans generations of drivers and fans. With drivers continuing to choose TA4 the class remains one of the more accessible and competitive formats for pure American racing.

Trans Am 101

The Trans Am Vision

Some four years ago, the Trans Am Race Company became reality, formed with a shared singular desire and purpose: the restoration of the Trans Am Series to the forefront of North American Road Racing.

Just a few short years later, a very different Trans Am has emerged. A Trans Am that features 70-plus car grids populated by Mustangs, Camaros, Challengers and Corvettes— a massive dose of pure Americana, with just a touch of nostalgia. While it may be tempting to label this the ‘new Trans Am,’ we see this as just a return to the true Trans Am. Right where it should always be.

Trans Am is now powered by relevant, practical and purposeful racing platforms that highlight driver talent and generate organic series growth. It is a series dedicated to teams and drivers with a true passion for their sport. In turn, numerous partners have joined us on this remarkable journey, helping bring Trans Am, once more, to the national stage, showcasing the action to a growing and dedicated audience on CBS Sports Network.

Trans Am’s road racing renaissance is in full form, and with more inquires regularly coming our way, we expect this unprecedented growth to continue. These four years have been a remarkable journey, one that is far from finished.

The Trans Am Race Company stands committed to this racing adventure into 2016 and beyond, an adventure on which we hope you join us. Our 50th year of Trans Am racing is destined to be both memorable and exciting as we prepare to, once more, make history in Trans Am.

Welcome to Trans Am,

The Trans Am Race Company Ownership Team

The Trans Am Series Competition Format

A Trans Am Series race is 100 miles in length, and does not require a mandatory pit stop for fueling, tires or driver changes.  As a sprint, it is driver versus driver, and that means its flat out racing from start to finish.

The series generally has four to five on-track sessions, including two practices (30 to 45 minutes in length), one qualifying session (also 30 to 45 minutes in length), a warm-up (promoter optional, 15 to 20 minutes in length) and race.  Depending on the circuit, a 90-minute window, including pre- and post-race activities, will be sufficient to complete the race.

Trans Am Series Management

The Trans Am Race Company, LLC manages the day to day business of the Trans Am Series, including marketing, public relations and promotions, while SCCA Pro Racing provides contracted event operations services.

The Trans Am Race Company is owned by a passionate group of Trans Am team owners and competitors with a long history of success and a desire to return the series to prominence.

Series Sanction

The Trans Am Series is sanctioned by SCCA Pro Racing Ltd., the wholly owned subsidiary of Sports Car Club of America, Inc. 

SCCA Pro Racing has been at the forefront of the professional racing landscape in the United States with such landmark series as Trans Am, Can-Am and Formula 5000.