TA2 Class

Pony Up

The Ford Mustang. The Dodge Challenger.  The Chevrolet Camaro. Racing side-by- side.

In a reflection of the ongoing muscle car battle for supremacy that has raged for nearly 50 years, transcending tracks, showrooms and garages across America, Trans Am is putting the pony back in the paddock and back on the racetrack with TA2™.

With car counts regularly in the 30s, there’s no getting around it—TA2™ is the hottest property in road racing. TA2™ combines the prowess of a purpose-built racing platform, tailored to the grueling conditions of sprint format racing, with relevant manufacturer power plants and the unmistakable silhouettes of today’s muscle cars. TA2™ represents the best value platform in racing, with engines capable of lasting an entire season and cost control measures that allow drivers to fully focus on racing, not the financing of it, while showcasing their talents and skill.

Road Racing's Future, TA2'S™ Racecar

The TA2™ racecar is a purpose-built racing machine. Designed, built and tuned with only one thing in mind—performance. With engines restricted to just under 500 horsepower, longevity is promoted while not sacrificing performance. So, yes, the TA2™ race car is built on a cost effective platform, but it still produces speeds that are more than capable of raising eyebrows.

TA2™ is the reinvigoration of Road Racing in North America, iconic performance machines that are relevant from the track to the show room floor. They’ve attracted drivers in droves, quadrupling the class in 2012 and setting record attendances from race to race. They’ve put on shows of consistent side-by-side racing and continue to break their own track records and, as the platform becomes more and more refined, all while maintaining its cost controlled approach. 

Be it a Challenger, Camaro or Mustang— there’s a car for everyone in TA2™ and a place in the fastest growing class, and series, in road racing. 

TA2™ Tech

 Cost Control Specifications: 

Keeping the TA2™ class the high performance, low cost platform it was founded upon is important to Trans Am and its drivers. The following constitute the class’s cost control measures: 

Shock Absorbers - $925 each
Brake Calipers - $550 each
Brake Pads- $250 per axle
Wheels – $175 each
Headers - $1,850 a set
Complete Exhaust System - $2,200

No titanium or carbon fiber components are allowed, aside from the driver’s seat.


All TA2™ bodies must be either a Ford Mustang, a Chevrolet Camaro or a Dodge Challenger. The following is a list of those bodies and approved manufacturers:

Chevrolet Camaro (Five Star RaceCar Bodies)
Ford Mustang (Five Star RaceCar Bodies)
Dodge Challenger (Howe Racing Enterprises)
Gen 5 Mustang and Gen 5 Camaro bodies will be eligible with a weight penalty.  

Rear wing:

TA2™ cars must be outfitted with a properly installed Derhaag single plane rear wing. 

Approved Chassis Producers: 

Howe Racing Enterprises 989-435-7080
Mike Cope Racing 727-201-8910
M-1 804-222-8885


There are several engine packages available for the TA2™ class, all of which are directly competitive with one another. 

Primary Engine and Parts Suppliers:

GM LS3: Katech
Ford: Koury Race Engines
Dodge Hemi: Koury Race Engines

Approved Engine Builder/Rebuilders: 

Pro Motor - Choice
Brand Racing Engines - GM LS3,  Choice
Katech - GM LS3, Ford, Choice
Koury Race Engines - Ford, GM LS3, Choice, Dodge
Schwanke Engines - GM LS3, Choice
Wegner Motorsports - GM LS3, Ford, Choice
Sampson Racing Engines - GM LS3, Ford, Choice




2022 Trans Am


Oct 06 - Oct 09
VIRgina International Raceway (with Mission Foods VIR SpeedTour)
Alton, VA
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