Dark Horse Racing

Dark Horse Racing

Lead Driver B.P. Gluck is a combat pilot, disabled veteran, and driver of the Factory 5 GTM in the Trans Am Series. Gluck is a two-time national champion in the American V-8 Supercar Series and has had multiple pole and podium finishing races at the American Road Race of Champions at Road Atlanta Most recent was a 2023 VIR podium finish in Trans-Am SG.T 

Notably, Gluck is proud to represent the members of the armed forces and veteran community. He served as a combat medic and Sergeant in the U.S. Army before becoming a military pilot. As a wounded veteran himself, Gluck is proud to assist charity organizations like the Wounded Warriors, and he is in good company. Dark Horse Racing utilizes current and former military members from nearly all backgrounds.

As a disabled veteran who is representing the armed forces and veteran community in front of a world-wide audience in the stands, on the Internet, news publications, and on television, I thought I would reach out to see if you would be interested in parts sponsorship. I would enjoy setting up a meeting with one of your representatives. Our team can make the car available for promotional use. We are active on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook...   www.teamdhr.com

With aligned core values and a passion for serving veterans and helping them find purpose, these two organizations will be paired together in the upcoming Trans Am series.

Brion Gluck, the owner and primary driver of Dark Horse Racing, has been in the service of the nation for over thirty years. Currently racing in the Trans Am series when not flying overseas, Brion started as a combat medic in the U S Army  before moving on to military fixed wing aviation. After leaving active duty, Brion looked for ways to not only continue pushing the envelope but to assist with veteran transition, and racing seemed liked a natural place. Dark Horse Racing always has a place for veterans on the crew, allowing former service members and volunteers the opportunity to help get the car to victory lane and the team on the podium. Veterans soon see that the teamwork, dedication, and camaraderie they knew in the service can be found on the outside, and it’s not hard to see that a winning team—whether in a racing suit or flight suit—is pretty awesome.

There is always a place for veterans with Dark Horse Racing and GallantFew. Come help support connecting America with her veterans through the Patriot Challenge or take an Azimuth Check to start on a purpose-filled journey through GallantFew. Of course, you can cheer on combat veteran-led Team DHR as they race around the track too. For more information on GallantFew, visit their websites or social media pages.www.gallantfew.org


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