Two-Time Trans Am Champion Rafa Matos Joins 2023 Championship Team Nitro Motorsports

November 22, 2023

Two-Time Trans Am Champion Rafa Matos Joins 2023 Championship Team Nitro Motorsports

Nitro Motorsports is pleased to announce Rafa Matos will drive for the championship-winning team for the 2024 season and beyond. Matos' pedigree in Trans Am provides Nitro with another talented driver to stack the deck. Matos' entry will feature primary branding from Concord American Flagpole, in association with TA class champions CD Racing.

Nick Tucker: 
“Rafa will bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and success to Nitro Motorsports. It’s no secret that Rafa has been one of our fiercest competitors these last 2 seasons, so together I look forward to a successful combined effort to compete for a championship. I also see a major benefit with his vast experience being a mentor and leader to our younger drivers.”

Rafa Matos: 
“I'm thrilled that I'll be joining Nitro Motorsports for 2024. My top priority was to land in a team where I could perform at my best and contend for wins and championships. With Nitro, I'm hoping to secure my third championship in the TA2 class and set a new record for most wins. I'm also super excited to have Concord American Flag Pole on board and represent a company with a winning tradition in the racing world, can’t thank enough Chris Dyson for expanding his affiliate's brand into TA2.

Huge thanks to PME Engines for supplying us with top-notch engines, and I'm grateful to continue our relationship with PME for the upcoming season. Additionally, I'm thrilled to be racing with a Mike Cope chassis for the first time. I have a huge respect for Mike. I have a lot of respect for him as a racer and look forward to working together. None of this would have been possible without the hard work of Nick Tucker, and the entire Nitro team and I'm grateful for their dedication. Finally, I want to thank my personal sponsors Arai Helmets, Sabelt, and Starling Design.Let's make 2024 a year to remember!”

Chris Dyson:
"Our CD Racing organization, in addition to our successful Trans Am effort, have for the past few years showcased our Concord American Flagpole brand in NASCAR Xfinity and through our championship-winning USAC Silver Crown program, which we will continue in 2024. Rafa has been a great friend for years and we've worked together on several occasions. When he let me know that there was a winning opportunity to expand the Concord American Flagpole footprint with him racing in Trans Am TA2 with Nick Tucker's reigning champion Nitro Motorsports group, I thought it was a great way for us to collaborate and highlight Concord American Flagpole's products in the championship road racing arena full-time, and in a really meaningful fashion.  We look forward to a successful effort together."

About Concord American Flagpole:
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