Team Weaver Back at Road Atlanta with the Legendary Boris Said Behind the Wheel

March 23, 2024

Team Weaver Back at Road Atlanta with the Legendary Boris Said Behind the Wheel

The iconic bright yellow and blue Dodge Challenger is ready to pounce on the competition. With a stacked field of Trans Am's very best drivers and their teams, the race is sure to be exciting. Boris Said and Pancho Weaver have teamed up once again to compete at the highest level of purpose-built muscle cars. The Trans Am series has produced for over a half century of truly exciting racing that most have ever witnessed.

“Pancho and I are starting our sixth year together in Trans Am, racing the newly updated Weaver Gen. 3 design,” said Boris Said. “We have an all new aero package engineered by Charles Jenckes and built by Pancho. This latest update has really made the front of my car stick and feel more planted than ever before. That, with a little adjustment to the rear wing and slight shock change for more grip really made this Weaver car respond.”

“We had a great first test yesterday, running at the top of the chart at the beginning of the session,” continued Said. “We did, however, end practice in second, but we were on older tires. I feel confident and I'm looking forward to a victorious weekend here at Road Atlanta. Pancho and his team consistently give me the best car year after year. These guys don't rest much with new ideas, improvements and updates. These Pancho Weaver race cars are awesome to drive with amazing Mopar power and impressive chassis grip.”

“Boris Said is the magic man behind the wheel,” said Pancho Weaver. “He's a master. Boris knows when to push and when to conserve. He is easy on my equipment, but also knows how to get the most out of the car when it counts. I can't think of anyone else that can put the car on the edge, the knife’s edge, with amazing results. There's nobody quite like Boris. He makes my job easy,” said Weaver.

“Many thanks go out to John Cloud/Ultimate Headers, and Nova Engines/Chris Sumner for awesome Dodge power and torque,” Weaver continued. “Thanks to STEEL-IT steel particle paint, which you can weld over and it is durable under all extreme conditions. Thank you to Householder Motorsports, off-road trophy truck champions and great friends. Pro-System brakes, Dennis and John. The best brakes in the series. My team: Weaver Racing Concepts. We don't buy our cars like the other teams. We’ve designed, engineered and built our racecars, as well as our customer’s cars, since 1980. I couldn't do it without Nathan, Chuck, Derek, and Shane.”

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