Shift Up Now Welcomes Trans Am Driver and Team Owner Michele Abbate

July 9, 2019

Shift Up Now Welcomes Trans Am Driver and Team Owner Michele Abbate

Shift Up Now is a collective of female racers who use motorsports to inspire confidence and courage in girls and women.  The mission of the Florida based organization is to see all women step on the gas, navigate the corners and use the brakes to drive through life on whatever road they travel.  Currently Shift Up Now is announcing their international team roster, including Professionals, accomplished amateurs and up-and-coming young racers from a variety of motorsports disciplines.

"I first took notice of "Shift Up Now" when they were gathering drivers for their 2018 25 Hours of Thunderhill effort.  Although I was very keen to getting to share the seat with several of their established drivers, I was unable to secure the funding necessary to do so.  Regardless, I enjoyed cheering the multi-car all women teams on, and continued to support their other efforts on and off the race track," driver Michele Abbate explains.  "I am very proud and honored to be welcomed to the Shift Up No team as I join all these established racers," Michele shared.

In 2019, Abbate made her debut in Trans Am, the iconic professional road racing series in the US. Abbate is the only female to be competing in the TA2 class, which is the largest class in the series - a field that has reached up to 30 cars at some tracks.

“Including Michele on the team was an easy decision”, said Shift Up Now President Karen Salvaggio.  “Her reputation, tenacity and success are exactly the type of qualities we look for in racers we want to help boost.”  “Michele’s off track experience and commitment to inspire others is also important to helping convey the mission of Shift Up Now as it transcends the race track”, added Lynn Schultz Kehoe, Founder and CEO.  “We are thrilled that Michele applied to be part of our effort.”

Shift Up Now has been creating waves and turning heads since their inception.  With core values held high, respectable athlete affiliation, and race results to back it all up you'll want to stay tuned on all the latest happenings from the team.  You can follow them on all social media platforms at Shift Up Now! 

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