Impact of Howe Racing Enterprises Fast Forward Program in TA2, Bonus Announced

August 7, 2017

Impact of Howe Racing Enterprises Fast Forward Program in TA2, Bonus Announced

Partner Release - [August 7, 2017] –With the Trans Am schedule reaching the halfway point, Howe Racing Enterprises has announced the criteria for the year-end bonus to the Fast Forward program in TA2.  The bonus will be in the form of a $1,000 award by random drawing of all drivers eligible during the 2017 season.  The award will take place following the season finale at Daytona International Speedway.  The Howe Fast Forward award was established to incentivize TA2 competitors to compete in 2017 Trans Am Championship events.   

Over the course of the 2017 campaign thus far, the program has saved race entrants $6,700 in entry fees.   In full, the program will distribute $10,000 to the first 100 TA2 entries sporting a Howe-built chassis and Howe decal. 

"The Fast Forward name is a variation of the concept of, paying- it-forward by offsetting some of the race entry expense,” explained Chas Howe. “The award is just one part of a larger Howe TA2 budget that is intended to encourage participation.  We also provide access to a large inventory of spare parts and technical assistance at the track. These are things that most independent teams do not have.  Rather than putting our whole budget into a few large awards, our objective is the same as Trans Am; to remove obstacles to participation and help to grow the class".

Currently, drivers eligible for the bonus include: 

Adam Andretti 
John Atwell 
Tony Ave 
Jordan Bernloehr 
Chris Cook 
Sheldon Creed 
Carlo Falcone 
Tim Gray 
AJ Henriksen 
Shannon Ivey 
Ron Keith 
Peter Klutt 
Scott Lagasse 
Phil Lasco 
Sam LeComte 
Andy Lee 
Shane Lewis 
Mitch Marvosh 
Rafa Matos 
Alex Mayer 
Joe Napoleon 
Doug Peterson 
Gar Robinson 
Tom Sheehan 
Moses Smith 
Curt Vogt 
Tom West

Trans Am competitors can find the full details of the contingency program in the competitor’s lounge on  

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