Ethan Barker Gained 37 Positions in TA2 Debut at COTA

November 9, 2023

Ethan Barker Gained 37 Positions in TA2 Debut at COTA

18-year-old Ethan Barker of Houston, Texas made a statement drive gaining 37 positions in his Big Machine Vodka Spiked Coolers TA2 Series debut running for Concierge Motor Sports at Circuit of the Americas this past weekend.

While a rookie in the ranks of TA2, Ethan came to COTA with an impressive motorsports resume.  His exploits include circle track racing in Bandolero, Allison Legacy, Pro Trucks and Pro late model.  As a road racer, he has multiple SCCA T4 championships, NASA wins, and open wheel seat time in Indy Juniors and F4.  Despite the diversity of disciplines in his racing resume, Ethan viewed the 500+ horsepower driver centric cars and loaded lineup of the TA2 series as a unique challenge and opportunity to expand his racing acumen.

After opting to start the race on new tires and subsequently gridding in 43rd position, Ethan quickly and efficiently carved his way through a talent-heavy TA2 field.  Yellow flags undoubtedly aided his drive through the field, but the final yellow fell while Ethan was putting heavy pressure on TA2 veteran Adam Andretti for 5th place.  After the race, Ethan said, “I knew I had a fast race car from the start and I thought I could get at least one more spot before the end.  But to be in that position my first time in the car is an awesome feeling.”

Ethan teamed up with Concierge Motor Sports to make his TA2 debut.  Concierge Motor Sports, led by racing veteran/team owner Samuel Lecomte, is based at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur, Texas.  Eagles Canyon will host the first race in the newly formed TA2 Club series this coming March.  Concierge will field two cars in both the TA2 Club series as well as the Big Machine Vodka Spiked Coolers TA2 series in 2024. 

If you would like information on Concierge Motor Sports and their TA2 program, they can be found at or by phone at 972-689-9898.   

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