Discovery Day for Trans Am 2 Camaro Race Cars

October 4, 2011

Discovery Day for Trans Am 2 Camaro Race Cars
Oct. 4, 2011 – Dallas, Texas – When people think of racecars, American muscle cars come to mind for many.  It’s certainly true in the 45-year history of the Trans Am Series, but few might realize they can actually purchase a 475-horsepower Chevrolet Camaro and go racing.
Those with such a need for speed will get an opportunity to try out the Trans Am 2 (TA2) version of the Chevrolet Camaro in a Discovery Day held by TA2 competitors Gregg Rodgers and Bob Stretch at Eagles Canyon Raceway (ECR) in Decatur, Texas on December 9, 2011.  Qualified participants will have a chance to get multiple race sessions in a 475-hp, 2900 lb, 2011 Camaro Stock Car at ECR. 
Participants will experience firsthand the rush of the clutch less shift stock car with costs far lower than most pro series cars. The racetrack is located approximately 50 miles from DFW International Airport, and in the event of a rainout, the event would take place on Dec. 10. The cars will be prepared by Wheels America Racing and 2011 TA2 champion Bob Stretch, of Arlington, Texas, and by multi-time TA2 race-winner Gregg Rodgers, of Southlake, Texas, and his Pinnacle Autosports operation.
 “Cars with comparable lap times often cost twice to three times as much to run,” Stretch said.  “Due to spread parts availability and very little fabrications, these TA2 Camaro race cars are easy to maintain, easy to run and evenly matched.”
“Minimal fees will be charged, and anyone who buys a car or retains Pinnacle Autosports or Wheels America Racing for support or car build may be eligible to have fees waived.  Full season Trans Am 2012 rental/support is available now.”
The total, turnkey cost of the Camaro racecar can be less than $70,000. 
As Stretch states, “with costs breaking down to $163 per tire (uses one set per weekend), brake pads under $200, engine costs of $4,500-$7,500, chassis under $4,000 and chassis/body/interior for about $12,000, etc… this can be easily done.  Nearly all components are commonly available at short track car components.”
If you are interested in getting into the racing industry with your own TA2 Race Car and want to experience the rush of driving such a car, please contact Gregg Rodgers at Pinnacle Autosports,, 940-648-1210 or Bob Stretch at Wheels America Racing,
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