Cameron Lawrence: Champion

October 1, 2013

Cameron Lawrence:  Champion

 Usually great achievement takes place only after a lifetime of honing your craft in the pursuit of excellence.  It comes after picking yourself up time and time again after failure.  It comes after decades of building upon your given natural talent. 

But that’s just usually.  And this is Cameron Lawrence.
As Lawrence crossed the finish line at Virginia International Raceway in the #11 Ctek/MotorState/NorthStar/Bay Investments/ Outofthelife Chevrolet Camaro, he secured his sixth win of the 2013 Trans Am Season.  And, in that moment, the 21-year-old became the 2013 TA2 Champion and the youngest Trans Am Champion, ever. 
Over the course of the year, Lawrence has put in masterful performance after masterful performance, displaying poise and patience well beyond his limited years.  In all ways he has become one of the most complete drivers in Trans Am Series, an individual with plenty of natural talent behind the wheel, tempered and shaped by hours of devotion to his vocation. 
If you were to trace back Lawrence’s title to its roots, somewhere along the way you’d find the Trans Am race at Watkins Glen in 2012.  There, Lawrence, a talented but unproven driver in Trans Am, joined up with Miller Racing—led by Trans Am veteran Mike Miller.  The merger put one of the strongest teams in the then fledgling TA2 class together with an up-and-coming driver.   Also, and very importantly, the move teamed Lawrence up with Pete Halsmer. 
Over the next season, the two worked and raced side by side— becoming the most dominate duo in the TA2 class—often with Halsmer leading the way and Lawrence learning lap by lap, improving race by race. 
And then at Road Atlanta, Lawrence claimed his first ever TA2 victory.  In that moment an allegorical dam broke—and Lawrence never looked back.
The 2013 Season began with a record high number of TA2 entries at Sebring International Raceway.  Unfazed, Lawrence put on a master class, dominating the race and leading from start to finish—while setting a track record in his wake. 
Since then Lawrence has claimed five more victories in seven more races and never finished lower than second. 
However, most of his victories were not ground-pounding mad dashes from start to finish.  Most of them were far different.  Lawrence would remain patient throughout the year, saving his car till the moment was right, pushing his opponents to their limits and then making his move.  Lawrence has become a complete driver, well versed in all aspects of his craft. 
The 2013 Season has been Lawrence’s year.  But it’s not over; two races remain, and drivers like Lawrence are not ones to rest on their laurels, no matter how freshly minted they may be. 
Lawrence will head to Road Atlanta and then Daytona with the rest of the field—on to another race and another challenge.
But for now, and forever, Trans Am has its first champion of the 2013 Season.  Cameron Lawrence.  
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