Boris Said and Weaver in action at COTA

November 3, 2018

Boris Said and Weaver in action at COTA


TEAM RELEASE - Trans Am muscle car excitement is here at Circuit of the Americas, a beautiful race track in Austin, Texas. The stage is set for another great Trans Am race this weekend with Boris Said and Team Weaver. This is our sixth TA event this year in our new Generation 3 Weaver racing Concepts chassis. We finished this new car a bit late for the start of the Trans Am season. Our opening race was at Indy where Boris was leading when we had a fuel pressure problem that retired the car early. This car has been on the podium each and every weekend since as well as first place qualifying and setting new track records. We have been so blessed with this new very Innovative design by Chris Willes and Pancho Weaver.

"I have been thinking of this new car for quite a while," Pancho Weaver states. "I wanted to achieve a completely New Concept in this strictly purpose-built Trans Am racer that offers a whole new direction of how Trans-Am cars will be built from now on. First I wanted to step up the car's performance in the way the chassis is built using all round tube Construction making it very stiff and safe. Second to increase mechanical grip through suspension design. Third increase braking power by using the large NASCAR road-course calipers that the others simply can't package. Fitment is accomplished through our new design than uprights that is offered in 5 on 5 or Center lock hub. Fourth and very important is to lower the initial cost of the car to way under 300,000 and lower the maintenance expense of the running gear and labor of each race by using NASCAR rebuilt parts through SRI performance.  Fifth making the car easy to work on by using Dzus fasteners on most of the panels for quick removal.  Another ease for the teams was to making the car very easy to adjust the suspension and to change the rear gear.  just a few things offered in this new Weaver Racing chassis design. SRI performance is one of our big sponsors for this weekend and is our supplier for refurbished NASCAR running gear. Owner Greg Fornelli is a great friend and a huge help in the way this car performsat each race.

Thanks again to Boris Said a fantastic driver who is  a very big part of this team's continued Podium finishes in this the only Dodge Challenger entered in Trans Am this weekend..

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