BC Race Cars Announces New TA2 Build

January 23, 2018

BC Race Cars Announces New TA2 Build

TEAM NEWS - As a dealer for Howe Racing Enterprises in Ontario and our satisfaction with our previous TA2 cars, BCR is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Howe 2018  Trans-Am TA2 Camaro. As a house car, it will be available for rental in both professional and club racing events.

The decision to build a new car came in December, after our beloved “Snot” was sold to friend Rod D. The folks at Howe outdid themselves by pulling out all the stops to get a chassis and body together in such a short time, and we are grateful. They did a beautiful job, and the 2018 improvements should prove to be an advantage.

We still have a lot of work to do to complete the car for its first race at Sebring, March  2-4. As we pride ourselves in the engineering and construction of race cars, the car is basically a chassis and body with suspension pieces custom built to BCR specs. Driveline, steering, electrical, safety, comfort, plumbing, wiring, etc. are yet to be done.  The crew will be taxed to the maximum to pull this one off in 5 weeks, but we are motivated; we have an incredible driver. Announcements to follow. 

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