Archer Brothers excited for return after 20 years

May 18, 2015

Archer Brothers excited for return after 20 years

Duluth, MN. May 15, 2015 - Archer Brothers officially announces their return to racing in the SCCA Trans Am TA2 Series, with Tommy Archer driving in seven races, throughout the 2015 season. This marks a return back, for the well-known race team, after a 20 year hiatus since 1994.

Archer Brothers will continue to be a family effort, headed by Tommy as manager and lead driver of the teams new Chevrolet Camaro. Brother John Archer and Archer Racing will be responsible for the operations and transportation of the cars, in addition to, continuing to provide his teams’ services to customers and drivers on race weekends. Brother Bobby Archer will be responsible for driver coaching and mentoring 16 year old, up-and-coming driver John Vining from Fort Worth, Texas. John is currently scheduled as the driver, for the second car on the Archer Brothers team, in 2016.

Bringing the Archer Brothers back together was as simple as the brothers’ discussing what would be fun, and so, the journey began. “The Trans Am TA2 Series has taken off and we want to be a part of it,” says Tommy. “It just seems to make perfect sense when you see the exponential growth the series is experiencing right now, along with, the CBS Sports Network television package.”

The Archer Brothers team has a proven track record of winning and successful results throughout their career. Their racing resume includes over 40 championships and over 100 wins for a variety of car manufacturers and in various racing series’. The Archer Brothers have demonstrated their ability to win races and be in winners circle with the perfect formula of talented drivers, quality technicians and supportive marketing and sponsorship partners.

Archer Brothers will kick-off their return to the Trans Am Series on July 5th at Brainerd International Raceway located in Brainerd, Minnesota.

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