Andretti has strong showing at Homestead-Miami

March 12, 2014

Andretti has strong showing at Homestead-Miami

(Team Release) At Sebring Andretti qualified behind only defending class series champion Cameron Lawernce, but a transmission failure forced the car to be retired while running in the top 5. At Homestead Andretti was able to put it all together to finish the product.  "We had a great recovery from Sebring and (I am) very much looking forward to Road Atlanta.", Andretti said.  "I am very proud of the effort of everyone at ECC Motorsports."

The race weekend started off with Andretti posting a qualifying lap good for the front row outside for the second race in a row.  "It is so competitive in TA2 that I really don't think anyone knows what they have for ultimate speed in qualifying right now.  I know after speaking with Cameron, we were both shocked at our speed and how close it was(0.015 difference).  With the return of a great talent like Tommy Archer and the speed my teammate, A.J., was showing, I knew it was going to be a great qualifying battle.", said Andretti.

In the race the #44 Camaro was solid and reliable.  Andretti was prepared when there was an opportunity for some excitement at the end.  "The race was pretty uneventful from my point of view.", Adam said.  "We settled into second right away.  Pretty uneventful until 7 laps to go when I saw Cameron and a back marker had a collision.  There was pretty obvious damage to the 1 car.  That allowed us to close the gap to only 2.1 seconds when the checkered flag fell."

ECC Motorsports owner A.J. Henriksen said, "Adam will be strong all year, but Cameron will be tough to beat.  We will need a little luck on our side."

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