Hot Weekend for Vixen Cycle and LTK at New Orleans Trans Am

April 16, 2024

Hot Weekend for Vixen Cycle and LTK at New Orleans Trans Am

vondale, LOUISIANA – April 17, 2024 – It was Round 3 of the CUBE 3 Architecture TA2 Series Championships staged at NOLA Motorsports Park, April 14. The weekend was a sure sign of spring with bright sunny skies and the Vixen Cycle LTK Mustang prime to start work on the busy 14 Turn circuit.

As the Mike Cope team got set into the SpeedTour race weekend, the focus was balance and setup for Tom Sheehan. Always looking to make the most and maximize track time and development with a performance package unique to each race track and driver style.
First official practice saw Sheehan and the No. 97 Vixen Cycle LTK Mustang post P16 with a 1:42.441 on the standings and that was less than half a second gap from P1. The qualification round was just as tightly stacked and the race grid position for Tom was P17 to start the main event.
NOLA is a track where passing opportunities are hard to come by and tire wear is something to be mindful of for the drivers especially on a hot day.
Momentum was in the hands of Sheehan when the race went green on Sunday. He was full of energy and went up to P14 by the completion of Lap 1. Looking strong and making strides, the promising start to Round 3 was cut short of glory early in the race.
There was contact with another car causing damage to the Vixen LTK air box. The car began to overheat, and this resulted in numerous pit stops. The Cope crew were diligent on pit road and kept the car together enough for Sheehan to get some laps in and stay out of trouble.
“I made a mistake out there this weekend, I can't do it over, but we can move on with our heads up and look forward,” stated Sheehan.” The Vixen Mustang is a new look for our team and we appreciate all the feedback and positive support. Thanks to Mike Cope and the team for getting us back out there to finish.”
Make sure to tune-in and watch the Trans Am CUBE 3 Architecture TA2 Round 3 from NOLA Motorsports Park on MAVTV on April 18 at 8:00 pm ET.
Next up Tom Sheehan and his Mike Cope counterparts will roll into the World Wide Technology Raceway on May 10 – 11.
Follow Tom’s social media channels via his Facebook page, Damon Racing, Instagram account (@TomSheehanTA97), and X account (@TomTA2_97). For more information on LTK Insulation Technologies and the line of high-quality products go to:

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