Taking The Track With An Old Friend

February 27, 2020

Taking The Track With An Old Friend

DETROIT, Mich. – February 28, 2020 – As the Trans Am Series launches into the first race of the 2020 season this Sunday at Sebring, a proud team with a long legacy of TA racing and winning has circled back to again take the track with an old friend.

Pickett Racing and its Altwell Mustang has returned to Katech, running the engine that has helped Ernie Francis Jr. and Breathless Racing win back-to-back-to-back TA Team and Driver Championships beginning with the 2017 series.  They will make their debut at the Trans Am Championship west coast opener in Sonoma on March 15th.

“I first got involved with the gang from Katech in the mid 80’s,” said owner Greg Pickett.

“Katech was the ‘factory’ Chevy engine supplier and R&D source for many years. Their reputation for great power and most important, great reliability, was second to none.

“Over the next eight to ten years, we ran Katech engines almost exclusively in various GM chassis in the Trans Am series. In about 80 TA races over this period of time, we experienced only one engine related DNF.”

Pickett smiled.  “Unreal.  It’s not how fast you can go … it’s how long you can go fast”.

During this time, Pickett was recognized by Trans Am for becoming the first TA driver to post a record “triple double”: 44 Top 3’s, 70 Top 5’s and 100 Top 10 finishes. A proud accomplishment, primarily powered by Katech engines.

It’s easy to understand why, that after our disastrous, multiple engine-related failures last year, we are very happy to once again be reunited with Katech as our engine partner for 2020,” said Pickett.  “Katech engines an easy choice.”

“We’ll be at the track to physically support Greg and his team and everyone else in Trans Am that chooses Katech power,” said Beau Bradely, Katech Race Program Manager. “Our relationship with the series goes back farther than probably any other engine builder out there.  It has our priority.”


About Katech

Katech is a leading provider of high-performance engines and components for professional motorsports programs worldwide.  The company takes what it learns on the track to provide performance components, vehicle engines, and vehicle packages for the automotive aftermarket.  Katech also provides corporate customers with CNC machining solutions, from prototyping to manufacturing, as well as dynamometer and other engine and vehicle testing services. Over the past 40 years, Katech has built a reputation for extreme performance, exceptional durability, and outstanding quality. Learn more at 866-KATECH1.  Follow Katech at Facebook: KatechPerformance; Instagram: Katech_Inc; Twitter: KatechInc; and YouTube: KatechPerformance.

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