Boris Said and Team Weaver TA No. 2 clinch the victory at VIR

October 1, 2019

Boris Said and Team Weaver TA No. 2 clinch the victory at VIR

Pancho Weaver's newest Gen 3 build this year is a great combination of huge power and torque from the Penske 358 Dodge built by Larry Wallace and Scott Collier. Weaver's new chassis allows that power to grip the race track sooner, increases corner exit speeds and overall top mile per hour on straightaways. The No. 2 Trans Am Dodge is also the lightest car on the grid with a 75-pound weight break for using a NASCAR four-speed gated transmission that is very durable, and has a huge reduced cost from other sequential transmissions.

“The car is an absolute pleasure to drive," commented Boris Said. “I would like to thank my sponsors // Technique, SRI Performance and supplies, stock Car Steel, Aurora rod ends, Tilton, Hyperco, Pro Systems Breaks, Zeta Data and electronics, Pro Fabrication Headers, Control Cable and Driveshaft Shop.”

Pancho Weaver of Weaver Racing Concepts said, “It takes a huge group of talented people and Percision products to make these cars perform at the highest level. It's not just one guy or a couple of good ideas that puts these cars at the top. It's a collective group of qualified individuals that really makes the difference. I would also like to thank my devoted crew that really does make the difference here in a small race team that's really a chassis manufacturing group. These guys go over and beyond each and every day to make this all a reality in this ever increasing competitive arena called Trans Am.

“We are very excited here at Team Weaver this being really our only second race this year. We had a test at Mid-Ohio and our real first race was Walkens Glen a few weeks back where the car perform great and had a lot of speed. We failed to finish while leading the race with the crimp that came off an electrical power cable. But this last week at VIR all that was put behind us with a great victory with my good friend Boris Said behind the wheel. He's a great talent as we all know and has excellent feedback which makes my job much easier. Looking forward we're getting ready for the Circuit of the Americas next weekend and we are going to welcome Adam Andretti, who will be driving this new Weaver Gen 3 and his group ECC / AJ Henriksen.”

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