Monster Energy- Boris Said- Dodge Challenger- Weaver Racing Concepts

September 26, 2018

Monster Energy- Boris Said- Dodge Challenger- Weaver Racing Concepts

TEAM RELEASE - WEAVER RACING CONCEPTS- ALTON, Va.  [9-23-18] Last weekend with Trans Am at Virginia International Raceway was great.

"Again Pancho Weaver and his team have prepared an up front and very fast car for me here at VIR," said Boris Said.  "We had a dominating race car last race at Watkins Glen setting a new track record. Every time the car hit the track it was the fastest and was the car to beat. Unfortunately while leading we had a wheel bearing go bad and had to retire the car."

"Not the case this last weekend’s race at VIR. Our car was bad fast and qualified secondd. Just two thousandths of a second off the poll. A very tight and quite competitive field here in the top rank of Trans Am racing. We starter on the front row with Lawrence Loshak and the two of us had a great race. We finished second and neither of us made a mistake." 

"This is by far the very best and most fun class in racing today," continued Said "These cars have the perfect combination of horsepower-to-weight-to-tire and aero that I have driven and I have driven quite a few different kind of race cars. Not to speak of the innovation level this class still allows. It’s a great combination please don’t ever change it."

This new Generation 3 Weaver design has been so fast and so much fun to run this second half of the season. We are looking forward to the last two races, Cota in Texas and the last race in Daytona. After that is some testing. We have yet to test this new Weaver. We have only raced this new car 2 times in SCCA Club with Pancho driving finishing first in both and 5 times in T/A with Boris driving. A first, a second, a third and 2 DNF while leading. Not too bad for just out of the box.

"Trans Am is it," said Pancho Weaver. "It has been my life’s blood for 38 years now and I just love it more each year. Being able to design and build drives my innovation level all the time. I just love to come up with new ideas, bring them to the track and execute them in our new design in this ever increasing competitive arena."

"My goal is to of course to sell and or rent new cars but beyond that to increase the car count in Trans Am, secure a well-known series sponsor, acquire a much better TV package, Substantially increase the paid out purse and I believe that this will attract iconic main stream sponsors like Monster Energy and legendary drivers like Boris Said to get involved in this great series of racing called Trans Am."

Thanks to Monster Energy, Boris Said, SRI Performance, Aurora Bearing, Hyperco, Tilton, Pro Fabrication and the entire Weaver Racing crew for all the dedication and help that it takes to run up front…    

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