Stevens to assume day to day operations for Stevens-Miller Racing

January 8, 2016

Stevens to assume day to day operations for Stevens-Miller Racing

Veteran racer and team owner Mike Miller of Miller Racing announced today that day to day operations of the race team will be placed in the hands of Joe Stevens, a 2015 TA2 driver as well as an experienced automotive technician and customer service representative.

“After our 2015 season ended it became clear that my schedule would not allow me to directly manage every event in 2016. It seemed natural that Joe's youth, skills, tenacity and respect from my staff makes him a perfect fit for this role” Miller said.

"The opportunity to fill this leadership position with one of the most successful Trans Am teams in history is something that I just couldn't pass up. I developed a close friendship and tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Miller and the rest of the team during the 2015 season," noted Stevens.

“When Mr. Miller explained his position for 2016 I jumped at the opportunity. Working with this group is something I couldn’t walk away from. We have championship-proven crew leaders in Kevin, Tate, and Ed, and our TA2 Dodge Challengers, along with our relationships with Howe, SRT and Arrow Race Engines, make us truly unique in this rapidly growing series."

Mike Miller will maintain his position as partial owner of the Trans Am Series and will act as an advisor to Stevens and the new team. The team will continue to field multiple Dodge Challengers in the TA2 series during the 2016 season under the name Stevens-Miller Racing.

For questions concerning potential rental services at Stevens-Miller Racing please contact

Joe Stevens: 952-210-6824
Mike Miller: 517-889-7123

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