Opportunity for One – Breeds Opportunity for All

November 17, 2020

Opportunity for One – Breeds Opportunity for All


Kansas City, Mo. – The Trans Am presented by Pirelli’s TA2 driver JP Southern Jr. has been very fortunate to have the support of Chris Martin, owner of ProcureIT Network. ProcureIT Network played a key role in Southern making the race at COTA after his devastating wreck at VIR.

Southern said, “Without the support of Chris and ProcureIT Network I would never had made COTA. ProcureIT Network, for the third year running, is one of Inc. magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies in America — success I am proud to be part of. After my wreck, Chris was bound and determined to have me on track at COTA to promote the launch of his newest venture, SaaS Oversight.

“What is really cool about the opportunity he has given me, is that through Saas Oversight he is passing on a great opportunity to fellow competitors in both SVRA and Trans Am paddocks. It’s truly the opportunity for one that became an opportunity for all.”

Though Martin’s ProcureIT Network’s sales of software and management solutions, he said he knew the cloud was getting more diverse and confusing. Software, storage, subscriptions, licenses, and support all have costs, and as needs and companies grow, those costs are increasingly difficult to manage. With this knowledge, Martin launched SaaS Oversight whose purpose is to analyze cloud costs and deliver simple cost saving management and solutions.

Martin said, “I love everything about Trans Am and SVRA. I race, my friends race, but not at this level or in this type of business environment. We just don’t get business leaders of this scale at my local dirt track! I’ve played a small role with Joe Stevens and his team the last two seasons and it’s been great. More companies should be here in Trans Am, that’s for sure. With my new company I wanted to launch it with Trans Am and SVRA by giving something back to the business people who are here and the two series themselves.

“Although I’d like to be a bigger sponsor, we’re just not there yet. But what I am going to do is to provide a complimentary $5,000 Cloud Smart Spend Analysis for Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure for organizations that are supporting racers and teams in the Trans Am and SVRA paddocks.

“Everyone is moving to the cloud to save money, but once in the cloud, companies are realizing that costs are ever increasing. Saving money in the cloud is feasible – but complex. Optimizing environments is even more challenging as it requires constant monitoring, specialized training, as well as access to advanced tools and technologies. Most companies generally lack the available resources, time, or expertise to effectively manage their cloud spend.

“By emailing chris@saasoversight.com  with the subject of ‘TA2 Road Atlanta’ we’ll provide you a seven day cloud assessment identifying opportunities to reduce your monthly cloud spend by up to up to 40 percent as well as properly sizing for daily and monthly usage. If you are over-and-done with your cloud spend you can call me directly at 816-588-0917. This is a great way to put money back in your pocket and build understanding of your monthly cloud spending. At SaaS Oversight we don’t just identify your savings opportunities – we fix them.”

Southern said, “We need more companies and people like Chris, ProcureIT Networks and SaaS Oversight involved in our sport. Even though he can’t step up as much as he would like, Chris has still found a way to contribute to everyone’s success. I hope all SVRA and Trans Am participants whose businesses are vested in the cloud give him a call or send him an email. He’s here to help you, just like he stepped up to help me, and that’s really cool. After all – couldn’t your company use $5,000 in free services?”





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