Now a Three-Time Trans Am Champion, Dyson Aims to Win Season Finale at COTA

October 30, 2023

Now a Three-Time Trans Am Champion, Dyson Aims to Win Season Finale at COTA

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY (October 30, 2023) – With the 2023 Trans Am by Pirelli championship already secured, Chris Dyson’s third in as many years, the pressure should be off for the CD Racing team at this weekend’s season finale at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. That’s not the case.

“If you aren't planning to make every effort to win,” Dyson said, “there's no reason to go to a race. Everyone on the team will be treating this race just as seriously as we did eight months ago at the season opener at Sebring. I will be trying just as hard to win the pole and the race as I have at every Trans Am event this season. In fact, since we have the championship locked up, that persistent concern about points is gone, and we can just go for it this weekend.”

Former COTA Winner Brabham Is Back
For the first time since the Mid-Ohio event in late June, the Dyson team will be competing with its newer chassis alongside the car with which it has claimed multiple championships. The team has continued to upgrade both chassis and expects to continue the assessment of progress on track in Austin. 

In addition to Dyson’s #16 GYM WEED Ford Mustang, the team has also entered the #20 GYM WEED Ford Mustang for Matthew Brabham. Between them, Dyson and Brabham have won the last two of the Trans Am season finales at the Circuit of the Americas. "Matt joined the team here on very short notice two years ago to fill in for me and drove us to victory lane,” Dyson said.  “He's done a tremendous job in all circumstances since then and has been a great team player.”

As One Season Ends, Attention Turns To The Next
Dyson confirmed that while main objective the weekend is the race win, looking to the future it is equally important “to come away with an understanding of what we've moved forward with the cars and which areas need more work over the very short off-season before the 2024 race schedule which starts in late February,” he said.

“Having Matty in the second car will help us gain more data as we prepare to turn our full focus toward next year,” Dyson said, while highlighting the team’s dedication and incredible job over the course of the current season. “I'm proud of the team’s efforts. It's been a challenging, long year where we have been introducing new components and doing R&D on the fly; the team never stopped pushing. That we were able to win three championships in a row is a testament to the team’s ability to maintain its focus, month after month and year after year.”

Dyson further noted that “the opposition is not sitting still and we know full well how competitive this series is. No one in our group is resting on their laurels. For CD Racing in a lot of ways this weekend is as much the first event of 2024 than it is the last event of 2023.  The guys are all hungry and we're eager to see the progress with the new car. What's so fascinating about Trans Am racing is the steps the team can take in advancing the cars and pushing all areas of our car and engine development. You have to be relentless to win here.”

Tech Test in Texas
"From the technical perspective COTA is one of the trickiest circuits on our calendar," Dyson said, noting that managing the mix of high speed, heavy braking, super-low-speed corners while preserving tires is a particular challenge.  “We've always made it a point to show up at COTA with a set-up that’s in the 'ballpark' because the lap is so long and there isn't much practice time. Since we are running some new bits without a lot of testing on both cars, there's a sense of the unknown, but that's exciting.  We rest assured knowing that we have two excellent baseline setups for each car to fall back on in race trim; we are pushing the envelope and ourselves to learn more regardless."

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Circuit of the Americas Schedule
Qualifying takes place Saturday, November 4, 3:45 p.m. — 5:35 p.m. CT (4:45 p.m. ET)

The 100-mile race takes the green flag Sunday, November 5, at 1:10 p.m. (2:10 p.m. ET)

Broadcast Schedule
The race will be live-streamed on both the Trans Am and SpeedTour’s YouTube channels. 

Additional Broadcast Coverage On MAVTV

In addition to the livestream, 60-minute feature produced by Greenlight TV will be broadcast the following Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET to MAVTV’s 22 million North American linear households and 175 million connected devices. 



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