Norm Betts looks back at eventful two races

May 26, 2014

Norm Betts looks back at eventful two races

 (Team Release) Norm Betts is new to Trans Am Series. He has raced two races in two back-to-back weeks. For Norm every waking moment of that time and maybe a few moments in his sleep have been eventful. After all the excitement, though, Betts has found himself on the podium for two races in a row.

First, a quick recap of Betts rookie race at Road Atlanta. He had contact with another TA3 car on the test day. He spun off the track and hit the tire wall in official practice. In the race he accidentally hit the car's master power switch and turned the car off and then after the final restart he spun his red Corvette in T1. He still finished 3rd and stood on the podium.

Now on to Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. This was Norm's first time to the track. In the first session on the test day, he wanted to learn where the track goes. "I was doing a Sunday drive to get familiar with the track. In turn 8 I moved outside to let a TA2 car by and when I down shifted to third gear at about 4000 rpm the car just shook and cut out with a minor amount of smoke.", Betts said. It was a blown engine. Big trouble.

Betts is teammate to TA3 Camaro driver Todd Napieralski. "Since Todd's brother had not left Michigan yet, we had him pick up my SCCA Touring 2 class club race car.", Said Betts. The T2 Corvette was not up to TA specs and needed to be upgraded before Norm could race the car in the Trans Am race. "The crew got it ready with some effort and I was able to get teched and qualified."

With all that going on Betts didn't get much time on this new track and he didn't enjoy the early laps of the race. "I really did not feel comfortable til part way thru the race. Corners two and four are particularly intimidating."

Norm talked about all the action going on around him while he was trying to learn the track. "One time the TA2 leaders passed me two on one side and one on the other. It was pretty crazy out there.", Betts concluded.

In the end Norm was on the podium collecting the class winning trophy and getting his picture taken. The win slots Betts into 3rd in the TA3 International points standings. His next TA race will be at Road America.

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