M. & M. with BCR For 2022 Trans Am

December 10, 2021

M. & M. with BCR For 2022 Trans Am


We are ecstatic to announce that Michele Abbate and Misha Goikhberg will join BC Race Cars to compete full-time in the Trans-Am TA2 National Pro series for 2022. In our 17 years of running with Trans-Am, this is the first time that we will
participate in the entire schedule, and not just with one but two drivers!

Michele tested with us during a TA2 race in Atlanta in 2020 and we had a very
successful weekend, both on and off the track. BC Race Cars co- owner, Blaise
Csida, shared: “Penny, I and the entire crew at BCR are so excited to have Michele
and husband Anthony join our team in 2022! We were utterly impressed in 2020
by their enthusiasm, talent, and work ethics; they embody our goals and
inspirations on a professional as well as personal level.”

"The National Tour series has been my goal for many years now, and I cannot put
into words how honored I am to be racing with such a talented and proven team
like BC Race Cars. I learned so much during my time with them and I am ecstatic
about what's to come in 2022", said Abbate.

Misha Goikhberg has been driving with BCR for 4 years, part-time, as his schedule
allowed. He and driver coach Bob Perona have elevated our team tremendously,
always pushing us to higher levels. He gave BCR its first TA2 win as well as
countless podium finishes.

“Very excited to do a full time season of Trans-Am and build on the momentum
that the BC Race Cars program has built over the last few seasons. It is a very
interesting championship, with increasing grid sizes and increasing quality of
teams and drivers. Our goal is to win races and a championship”, stated Misha

“We have developed such a great relationship with Misha over the years. Our
growing success as a team is the communication between driver, coach, engineer,
and crew; we are now ready to take this next step. He is an amazing driver who

works diligently to improve himself and the team, and just a wonderful person to
be around. We are privileged to work with him” states Blaise Csida.
Of course, we now have to build and prepare 2 new cars in 2 months. Crew and
full time employees Mike Nelson, Zac Mahoney, and Jeff Porter will not be
enjoying much of the holiday season........a small price for this exciting new
chapter for BC Race Cars Inc.

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