Lagasse Jr. With "SCREEN YOUR MACHINE" Nets Top-5 in Atlanta

May 15, 2017

Lagasse Jr. With "SCREEN YOUR MACHINE" Nets Top-5 in Atlanta

May 14, 2017
Nuts and Bolts:
 Scott Lagasse Jr. and TeamSLR squeezed out a Top-5 finish this weekend at one of Americas toughest road courses, Road Atlanta.  Lagasse and the "Screen Your Machine" Camaro ran inside the top-10 throughout practice, and qualified a solid 6th, but had handling challenges to remedy.
Saturday, with weather threatening, the green flag flew and the Trans Am TA2 cars began battling side by side like it was the last lap of the race. Two full-course cautions would slow the field down during the 100 mile race as rain briefly dampened the course, and racing contact/debris caused the second caution.  Scott  Jr.  kept the car clean from contact throughout the race and brought the "Screen Your Machine" Camaro home in 5th place.
Push to Talk:
   "Overall we had a really good weekend. TeamSLR worked hard and smart and we all did our jobs. We needed to race all 40 laps to learn more about how to tune our car and where we are getting beat. We missed a little on our race setup, but we learned a lot that we can apply going forward. I'm glad we were able to bring home a Top-5 finish, but we won't settle there. We will continue to work and improve our program to close the gap on the competition. Equally as important was sharing our message with many about the importance of screening for cancer. I am passionate and focused on motivating people for the sake of their families." - Scott Lagasse Jr.
About "Screen Your Machine":
Screen Your Machine is Scott Lagasse Jr.'s personal and passionate quest to encourage people to be screened for all types of cancer. Scott is alive and healthy today as a colon cancer survivor because he got screened when he sensed something was "not quite right" while training for a triathlon event. Being an athlete, Scott is always sensitive to what his body is telling him. He was well under the recommended screening age, but cancer doesn't care about your age. Scott is an outspoken proponent for cancer screening and official ambassador for Fight Colorectal Cancer ( In addition to launching Screen Your Machine, Scott recently spoke during a TEDx conference on his personal experience and currently is the focus of a National PSA for FCRC. Scotty is utilizing his motorsports platform which includes NASCAR, the Trans Am Sport Car Series and Dirt Car racing, to reach every motorsports fan (represents 33% of all adults in this country) with his plea to!

About Scott Lagasse Jr.:
Scott Jr. (Scotty) has been a driven individual from an early age, excelling in sports and as a high achiever in school, earning a college degree through the Bright Futures Scholar Program. Scotty's commitment to excel in racing began at age 7 and includes winning races in motocross, karting, and many forms of auto racing. He is a mentor and role model to our younger generation, an avid cyclist and recognized advocate for Bicycle and Pedestrian safety. Please visit Keep up to date with Scotty by following him on Twitter: @scottlagasse FACEBOOK:  /scottlagassejr

About Fight Colorectal Cancer:
Fight CRC is a national nonprofit advocacy organization fighting for a cure. It was founded in 2005 by Nancy Roach, a nationally-recognized patient advocate who witnessed the need for colorectal cancer advocacy after her mother-in-law's diagnosis. The organization plays an important role in rallying colorectal cancer advocates to action. Fight CRC is known for activism and patient empowerment throughout patient, academic, political, scientific, medical and nonprofit communities. With a mission focused on advocacy, research, patient education and awareness, the organization serves advocates in every state of the U.S. and many others around the world. Fight CRC is a 4-star charity by Charity Navigator and 93 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to colorectal cancer programs. To learn more, visit 

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