Fast Facts Fans Need to Know Ahead of Heacock Classic Gold Cup at VIR

September 18, 2020

Fast Facts Fans Need to Know Ahead of Heacock Classic Gold Cup at VIR

The Heacock Classic Gold Cup at Virginia International Raceway will mark a very important date in Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli history.

For the first time, Trans Am will hold separate races for the TA/XGT/SGT/GT and TA2® powered by AEM classes, and then a combined event the following day for all five classes. 

VIR first hosted Trans Am in its inaugural season in 1966, and will continue the tradition September 25-27.

But, before the historical event, there are some important facts fans need to know:


Are fans allowed to attend the event at VIR?


No, due to local and state COVID-19 guidelines, the event will be closed to fans, but the races will be streamed on the Trans Am by Pirelli Racing App.


Since the event is closed, how can fans follow the action throughout the weekend?


Live timing and scoring will be available for qualifying on the Trans Am website and on the Trans Am App. All three races will be streamed on the Trans Am by Pirelli Racing Appthe Trans Am YouTube Channel and the Trans Am Facebook page.

Fans will also be able to watch a special pre-grid show and the post-race podium presentation exclusively on the app.  


How will the races on Saturday be scheduled?


Saturday will run like a typical race day for Trans Am with the TA/XGT/SGT/GT race starting at 11:20 a.m. Eastern followed by the TA2® powered by AEM race starting at 1:45 p.m. Eastern. Each feature will be a 100-miles, or 75 minutes whichever comes first.

Full Schedule


How will Sunday’s race differ from Saturday?


On Sunday, all five classes will run one 100-mile feature. The race will have a three-way split start with TA taking the green first, followed by TA2®, then the XGT/SGT/GT classes.


How will the grid be set for Sunday's race?


The grid for Sunday's race will be based on fastest lap time by class set in Saturday's race. 


Why was the extra race added to the Heacock Classic Gold Cup weekend?


The extra race was added to the VIR schedule to make up for the rounds lost to the Watkins Glen cancelation. The VIR facility is well suited to stage this history making race.

Will points be awarded differently for the combined race?


No, points will be awarded the same as if the classes were running their races individually. Bonus points will still be awarded to the driver who led the most laps within his/her class, as well as for earning pole position.


How many cars are entered for the weekend?


Teams and drivers are registering daily, but as of Wednesday, September 17, there were 59 total entries:

30 for the TA/XGT/SGT/GT

29 for the TA2®

Full Entry List


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