Epic Motorsports to donate 2016 winnings to VETSports

February 29, 2016

 Epic Motorsports to donate 2016 winnings to VETSports

Epic Motorsports and drivers Michael Camus and Randy Mueller announce a season long partnership with VETSports, a nationwide non-profit helping veterans achieve better physical, mental and emotional health through sports, physical activity and community involvement.

“I happen to be one of those real patriotic guys and I thought it was time to give something back.” Said Camus. “VETSports is a great match for us. So, we are announcing that all of our race earnings for both Epic Motorsports cars for Randy and I will be donated to Vetsports.”

“I think its great.” Said VETSports Director and Co-Founder Randy Tharp. “We are trying really hard to find support with other sports oriented entities. Trying to get those partnerships to help veterans thru sports.”
VETSports has worked with several different sports and teams including the Detroit Tigers and Tampa Bay Rays in Major League Baseball and the NHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning among others.

“This is our first time with racing. Jeff Gordon has donated items for auction with us in the past, but this is our first time partnering with a racing team at the races themselves.” Said Tharp. “Our first race is at Sebring(the season opener) and we are really excited to be there with Michael and Randy.”

The 2016 Trans Am Season celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the legendary sports car racing series with twelve races nationwide. Epic Motorsports will field two BMW’s in the production car class TA3. Both cars ran up front in limited starts in 2015 with Camus earning a 2nd place in championship points. Camus and Mueller look forward to presenting race winning and podium finish checks to VETSports as the campaign continues.

About Epic Motorsports: Epic Motorsports was founded in 2004 by Randy Mueller with the concept of maintaining a few key elements inherent to motorsports success. Knowledge, precision, commitment and teamwork drive Epic’s success.

About VETSports
A Nationwide non-profit helping veterans achieve better health thru sports.
Randy Tharp

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