Epic Motorsports Sebring Wrap

April 5, 2016

Epic Motorsports Sebring Wrap

TEAM RELEASE - Epic Motorsports began the 50th Anniversary Trans Am season with a hectic weekend and had two solid finishes. Drivers Randy Meuller and Michael Camus piloted their BMW M3 TA3 class cars to a 2nd place podium finish and a 4th place finish respectively.

When Epic Motorsports unloaded their BMWs at Sebring International Raceway to prepare for the Thursday test day there was still a lot of work to be done. “My car was at the body shop about a week before the race and we had a LOT of work to do in a short time,” Camus said after the race. “It was a real accomplishment as a team that the cars ran so well.”

After spending the test day working to get both cars ready to qualify, Mueller scored a front row 2nd place spot in qualifying and Camus locked down the 4th spot. “The competition has really stepped up this season.” Camus said about the TA3 class.

In the race Mueller went to the front scoring the bonus point for leading the most laps. Lee Saunders and the Viper eventually found a way to get by to get the top spot on the podium. Mueller takes points for 2nd place plus qualifying 2nd adds bonus points and leading a lap and the most laps and stands only one point off the points lead.

Camus ran competitive lap times and held his qualifying position at the finish. Camus sits 4th in points after one event.

“The track was a bit loose and we saw a couple of areas where we could improve the cars,” said Camus. “We still have a lot of work to do.”

Next up for Epic Motorsports is round 2 at Road Atlanta. For Camus it will be a first time. “I’ve never been to Atlanta. Every night I am watching as much video as I can,” said Camus. “I will have a lot to learn, but I have Randy. He was leading the race at Road Atlanta last season when he broke a transmission. He's a great coach and knows the track. I think we will be in great shape when all is said and done.”

“We had a 2nd and a 4th in the first race. We are happy with the results and to make our first contributions to VETSports. It felt great and we are looking forward to getting back to the track with Trans Am,” added Camus.
The 50th Anniversary Trans Am Road Racing Series schedule continues at Road Atlanta on April 9th and 10th. Check GoTransAm.com for the event schedule and live timing and scoring.

About Epic Motorsports: Epic Motorsports was founded in 2004 by Randy Mueller with the concept of maintaining a few key elements inherent to motorsports’ success. Knowledge, precision, commitment and teamwork drive Epic’s success in building and tuning racecars and streetcars.




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