Driver Ron Keith Surges Into First Season of Trans Am Road Racing Series with the Mike Cope Racing Team

June 19, 2014

Driver Ron Keith Surges Into First Season of Trans Am Road Racing Series with the Mike Cope Racing Team

 (Team Release) (June 19, 2014 - Kansas City, Mo.) As semi-pro road racer Ron Keith says, “There’s something about Trans Am … You have either dreamed about one, know someone who had one, or remembered a ride in one, no matter who you are.”

It’s this legendary status of the Trans Am that Keith says makes it so appealing as he shares his first experience driving for the 2014 Trans Am Road Racing Series, now underway at several states in the Midwest, south and northeast. As the driver for the Mike Cope Racing Team, Keith brings several years’ of dirt racing and road racing to the track, and a passion for the car itself – all wrapped up in the Offsite Image Management brand. This year the company created a custom wrap for the Trans Am series to showcase their cutting-edge healthcare image management solutions.

Offsite Image Management, one of the nation’s leaders in vendor neutral image archiving for critical access hospitals, actually has a great deal in common with the Trans Am race philosophy. Through DICOM technology, Offsite helps hospitals eliminate compatibility and efficiency problems with putting patient radiology images on CDs. Instead, they offer a vendor neutral, fully accessible solution that allows for immediate patient image sharing to any doctor or hospital, anywhere, anytime.

“You could say Offsite is like the Trans Am of the patient image world,” says Lasha Dalakishvilli, founder and president, Offsite Image Management. “We give patients and providers the immediate, seamless access to patient images, regardless of format. This is critical to quality care and diagnosis, as well as to meeting Meaningful Use requirements. The CDs some hospitals are using are expensive, get lost, broken, or just don’t open – not to mention security problems. They’re like trying to race in a school bus.”
The Trans Am Road Racing Series is unique in comparison to other racing venues in that there’s a personal appeal to the fans, says Keith. Many of the cars are owned and raced by business executives on a hobby level, yet it is still “high-end” racing venue. When drivers like Keith take the podium following a race, they have the opportunity to promote and build brand recognition for their business – as well as network for their business among other drivers. Races are televised and promoted heavily across Internet channels.

“It’s such a great experience to see and enjoy, for fans of all walks of life,” says Keith. “The Trans Am series is affordable and accessible, with fans getting to talk to drivers and touch or even sit inside cars. It really has a personal level to it that is incredibly exciting to anyone who enjoys racing.”

Keith says for many businesses, road racing in the Trans Am series is the right kind of special visibility. The relationship with Offsite Image Management is a testimony to that belief, with Offsite having grown significantly to be one of the dominating forces in image management for healthcare.

“We’re passionate about the services we provide to clinics and hospitals, and many are in the race regions for the Trans Am series,” says Dalakishvilli. “We have high-speed, exciting technology solutions to offer that are easily implemented and make a difference to our hospitals and clinics. Now is the right time to share that message in a fast-paced way.”
The Trans Am Series is America’s Road Racing Series and dates back to 1966. Throughout the years, names like Peter Gregg, Tommy Kendall, Mark Donohue, Bob Tullius and Wally Dallenback, Jr. have all won multiple championships under the Trans Am name.

The iconic Trans Am Series – America’s Road Racing Series – is operated by the Trans Am Race Company, LLC. Through a five-year agreement, the Trans Am Race Company manages the marketing rights to the series and is responsible for Trans Am Series public relations and promotions. SCCA Pro Racing sanctions Trans Am events and provides event operations services to the series.
Trans Am Series races at Road America June 21, with races continuing through mid-November. For more information, visit

Ron Keith is sponsored by Mike Cope Racing Enterprises and drives car #25 Mike Cope Racing Ford Mustang.
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