Daytona Season Finale Top Ten For Paul Fix

November 17, 2015

 Daytona Season Finale Top Ten For Paul Fix

TEAM NEWS Daytona Beach, Fl- (November 17, 2015) The 2015 Trans Am season finale at Daytona brought closure to an impressive season of racing for Paul Fix and the No. 4 Purple/WellWorth Corvette out of the Tony Ave Racing shop. Fix battled back against an on track incident and finished inside the top ten once again with a seventh place result, after leading the opening laps. Fix closed out the season with a solid second place in the championship standings.

Fix started the Daytona weekend off setting the fastest practice times and qualifying yet again in the number one position. Once the 29 laps of competition went green, Fix lead the first 16 circulations around the track, at times maintaining a several seconds lead over the field.

“The car was on rails as usual,” said Fix. “I couldn’t ask for more from my crew. We were fast and consistent. The car was easy to drive fast and I had a clear run staying out of harm’s way.”

That run at the front came to an unceremonious end when Fix and fellow TA class driver Doug Peterson made contact after a restart. Peterson made an enthusiastic pass on Fix impacting the No. 4 car. The resultant damage was a bent left rear wheel and flat tire. Fix was required to make a pit stop for repairs, losing a lap to the field.

“It’s a real shame to have our race for the win taken from us,” noted Fix. “Doug went below the line on the restart and impacted my left side. That destroyed the wheel and put us out of contention.”

The Tony Ave Racing crew made quick work of the necessary tire change and sent Fix back on track. With fresh left side Hoosier tires Fix was able to chase down the leaders and on the final lap pass the leader to earn his lap back. Fix managed to race his way inside the top ten to a seventh place result when the laps ran out.

“The guys performed an efficient tire change and sent me on my way,” offered Fix. “Unfortunately with all the traffic and not enough laps to go, our finish position wasn’t exactly what we anticipated.”

All was not for naught. Fix left his mark on the Daytona facility with another TA class track record and led the most laps during the course of the race. “Once again I believe we showcased our prowess at being the car to beat week in and week out. I am proud of the effort of my crew and the dedication they have towards winning every weekend,” said Fix.

The race will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network on December 6th at 1:00PM ET.

You can follow Paul Fix at for updates and photos and on Twitter @paul_fix. For all the latest news, visit

About Paul Fix: Paul Fix is a professional racecar driver based in New York, he has been competing in the SCCA Pro Trans-Am Series since 2000, started racing in 1992. Fix has several wins, podium finishes and championships in his career.

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