Bobby Mesmer at "The Glen"

May 18, 2016

 Bobby Mesmer at "The Glen"

TEAM RELEASE - (St. Augustine, Fla.) May 17, 2016

Nuts and Bolts:
This past weekend, Bobby Mesmer and TeamSLR were at Watkins Glen International and competed in the third round of the Trans Am-TA2 Series. Bobby and team battled the weather, from sun, rain and snow to earn a 17th place finish in his No. 7 Chevrolet Camaro.

All of the teams and drivers struggled to get many laps on the track during practice, as long cautions and red flags were the theme in all sessions. On the first lap of the race, Mesmer started in 21st place, but he didn't stay there long. Coming off of Turn 1, he was in 14th, after avoiding cars spinning and colliding with each other. Mesmer was up on the wheel, and showing his aggressive style. Bobby drove hard the entire race and continued to gain speed. With just a few laps remaining the dash displayed a warning light and the team chose to be conservative calling Bobby to the pits.

Push to Talk:
"This team never gave up. They worked very hard on getting this car hooked up, and ready to go for the race. We had to stay ahead of the changing weather conditions. Who comes to the racetrack, and expects snow? We are moving in the right direction as a team, and it won't be long before we are running up front." -Bobby Mesmer

"My decision to bring Bobby in was the right thing to do. Bobby was doing a great job and getting better every lap but we are here to focus on getting better all year and playing it safe for now is our strategy. We will run better as we get more experience and risking an engine and possible wrecked car this early in the season doesn't fit in with our plan. I am proud of Bobby, today's finish, and the feedback he is giving the team on changes to make." - Scott Lagasse Sr.

About Robert Mesmer:
Bobby Mesmer is not your average race car driver, at 6'4" and 280lbs he was told he would never be competitive in any form of racing, especially road racing where weight and balance is critical. Not listening to the naysayers and proving all of them wrong, Bobby has earned the respect of fellow competitors with his aggressive winning style on track and his larger than life personality off track. He has raced in NHRA junior drag racing, motocross, snowmobiles. Keep up to date with Bobby by following him on Follow us on Twitterand Like us on Facebook.

About TeamSLR & Scott Lagasse Jr.:
TeamSLR is a family operated race program with over 30 years of race experience. TeamSLR will compete in multiple NASCAR races during the 2016 season. Scott Jr. has been winning races since the age of seven on motorcycles, karts, modifieds, NASCAR Late Models, ASA Series, ARCA, Dirt Late Models and more. Scott is now focused on winning in Trans Am, and at the top levels of NASCAR. For more information about Scott Lagasse Jr./ TeamSLR and The Boy Scouts of America NASCAR program, please visit Keep up to date with Scotty by following him on Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook.

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