Attritional Brainerd for Sheehan and LTK on Jed Copham Tribute Weekend 

July 14, 2020

Attritional Brainerd for Sheehan and LTK on Jed Copham Tribute Weekend 

Bow, NH - July 13, 2020 - A warm summer's Sunday morning at picturesque Brainerd International Raceway was the setting for an attritional TA2 Class race for Round 3 of the 2020 Trans Am presented by Pirelli Championship season. It proved a tough test in his 103rd start in Trans Am for Tom Sheehan and the No. 97 LTK Insulation Technologies Ford Mustang who was forced to pit after a spin. While Tom scored points to maintain his presence on the TA2 leaderboard, overall it has to go down as a frustrating weekend after his terrific showing at Mid Ohio a fortnight ago.

After posting some impressive times in testing and practice, the LTK team's bright start to the weekend saw the 2019 Iron Man qualify in P6 in a time of 1:32:798. When the race itself got underway in perfect conditions, early scrimmaging saw Tom stay around his starting position, and a quick spin out didn't cost him badly either. With 21 laps to go on the difficult blind exit to Turn 13, Tom briefly left the asphalt. That meant a pit stop to check the underside of the car, something that cost Tom a few places and an otherwise assured top ten finish.

"It's a tough final result for the team," Sheehan stated after the race. "Damon Racing unloaded a hooked-up car with great pace. The team suffered an untimely mechanical failure in practice. Jamie and the team worked late to repair the No. 97 and the mechanical failure tore up a bunch of driveline. Repairs of that magnitude are a challenge at the track. Regardless, my team gave me a solid car to qualify and race I just got greedy and forced the pace. I damaged my tires early. I had my hands full and put the car in jeopardy. A mistake on my end, put me off the surface. I just compounded my woes. I hate it for the team. I just have to learn from it and move on, super excited to get the 97 LTK Cope TA2 machine back under me at Road America. We are going to put a weekend together. I believe in the program and in my ability to put the car up front. Lot's of positives, just got to keep digging."

Although frustrating for Tom and his New Hampshire team, the return to Brainerd for the first time in three years must be considered a success, as Trans Am President John Clagett explained, "Number one, the whole concept of the weekend was to have a tribute to Jed Copham, and I think that went extremely well. A lot of our drivers seemed to be extremely appreciative of that. The whole event was thanks to Dave Copham and the family. Just the fact that we could have a race is almost a victory in itself these days. Our strategy here was to have a drive in theatre setup for fans and it sure looked great from the drone cameras. Obviously, we would like to have more cars, but in these circumstances it's not all about car count. We had two good races, safe races, and that's really the victory of the weekend."

Tom Sheehan and the LTK Insulation Technologies Ford Mustang team will get the chance to put matters straight when Trans Am regroups for Round 4 of the 2020 Championship season at Road America August 6-8.


You can watch the whole race back here:


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