Allegretta Sebring Recap

April 4, 2016

 Allegretta Sebring Recap

Team Release - Vincent Allegretta had an adventure to remember at Sebring International Raceway in the 2016 season opener. Allegretta started a disappointing 22nd to begin his quest for the Rookie of the Year Award. He finished a TA Class rookie best 12th in class. In between he threatened to win the race.

Allegretta’s event was a consistent series of unexpected developments that led to an exciting race day. On the test day the car unloaded fast, but there were some mechanical mysteries. “The car was pretty good but we had issues all weekend wotj the no lift shift.” Said Allegretta of the feature that allows the driver to shift gears without having to lift off the throttle. “I would work perfect for 8 to 10 laps and then just stop. Eventually we just stopped trying to use it.”

In qualifying his #41 TA Sights And Sounds/VA Electrical Corvette was clipped on the Sebring front straight on the out lap and was too damaged to continue. “I was just warming up the tires and the guy hit me. It was crazy.”

As a result Allegretta was unable to get a qualifying time and has to start in the back. 22nd.

The team worked hard and repaired the car for the next day’s Trans Am 50th Anniversary season opener and Allegretta got off to a good start. “The start was good. We got past a bunch of cars early and worked our way up to 6th, but I spun in turn 7. I fell back to 12th or 13th. Because of that I had to work past cars again.”

As that was happening the leaders began to have trouble. Between contact and mechanical trouble Allegretta found himself running up front. “A.J.(Henriksen) and I were 1st and 2nd.” Allegretta said. Unfortunately Vincent and Henriksen got tangled up near the end of the race and that cost him a top 10 finish.

He brought the #41 Corvette home in 12 spot. That is good for the top spot among all TA class rookies and a solid place to start the season. “I feel good. I feel that I have a great car and the speed to run in the top 5. I learned a lot.” Added Allegretta. “I ran the 4th fastest lap of the race.

After one of twelve 2016 Trans Am Series races, Allegretta stands in 12th place in the championship standings and leading among Rookie of the Year contestants.

The next Trans Am Series event is April 9th and 10th at Road Atlanta.

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