Howe Racing Enterprises' Fast Forward Program Continues in 2024

June 20, 2024

Howe Racing Enterprises' Fast Forward Program Continues in 2024

Earlier this year, Howe Racing Ent. launched another season of the "Fast Forward" contingency program with the Trans Am series. The program credits $100 toward entry fees for each entrant in a Howe chassis. The program also includes a $1000 award, determined at each season's end. At Mid Ohio, we reached 100 Howe chassis entries for the 2024 season between the National and Western Championships. Our goal for the contingency program is to spread our support to all our customers in the paddock.

The Fast Forward award program started in 2017 and has awarded $88,000 to competitors. Before the Fast Forward program, Howe sponsored the Long Haul award program to the competitor who traveled the most miles pursuing the championship. We appreciate the distances of the coast-to-coast schedule while providing track support that helps to keep customers on track through practice, qualifying, and the race. So far, in the 2024 season, we have traveled nearly 14,000 miles, with five National events remaining in this season. 

Along with 100 entries in the 2024 season, we are proud of the history of 2,090 total TA2 entries, 101 National wins, 17 West victories, and 9 championships since the inception of the TA2 class in 2011. We recognize the dedication and passion of each competitor and remain excited to continue this journey with our customers.

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