Norwood Auto Italia to Return with Two-Car Team

January 17, 2024

Norwood Auto Italia to Return with Two-Car Team

Norwood Auto Italia (NAI Racing) is returning to Trans Am in 2024 to run the GT Class with two Maserati GT4 cars. Chris Coffey, team manager and driver, will return to the class for a full season with his sights set on a GT Class championship. "I can't wait to get back behind the wheel of my car with Trans Am. We had an incredible debut last year winning 4 of 6 races entered. The last race at Circuit of the Americas was the biggest field of GT class cars that I've seen and I was proud to come out on top with a Victory there. I really look forward to a season of big entries in our class!" says Chris

This year Norwood Auto Italia and Chris Coffey are to be joined by teammate Colin Cohen in the same platform Maserati GT4 car. "Having raced with SCCA, NASA, International GT and SVRA for the last 20 years, I found the opportunity to join my Norwood Auto Italia teammate, Team Leader and GT ProAM Champion, Chris Coffey, to be very tempting. This means I also have to up my game making for a huge challenge to me. The well-honed discipline and organization of SCCA and World Challenge, now embodied in Trans Am, seems to be the type of racing for which GT cars were intended and I am looking forward to the season." says Colin. 

The two cars are sure to be a formidable duo in the GT Class ranks. "Here at Norwood Auto Italia we specialize in Italian cars, primarily Ferrari Challenge, and we love that we've found the perfect home to run and support the Maserati GT4 cars. As the GT class ranks grow, I'm certain we'll see more of these cars come out of the woodwork and we hope to grow our team as some of our Ferrari Challenge clientele sees our success with Trans Am. We were honored to carry the flag as being the only Maserati in professional racing world wide last year. I think our results should speak for themselves." says Team Manager Chris Coffey

Norwood Auto Italia is a Dallas Texas based team that specializes in Motorsports, Restorations, and Service work for Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. For more information please visit or reach out to us at

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