Boris Said, Weaver Racing take Monster Energy Challenger to Watkins Glen

September 6, 2018

Boris Said, Weaver Racing take Monster Energy Challenger to Watkins Glen

TEAM RELEASE - Boris Said, Monster Energy and team Weaver Racing are back here at Watkins Glen to defend their last Trans Am race win at Road America in the only Dodge Challenger competing. 

"Watkins Glen is one of my best tracks if not my most favorite race track in North America," said Said. "Two weeks ago at Road America we raced starting 3rd and passing for second in the first corner of the opening lap. Settling in and conserving my new Weaver Trans-Am race car for a bit until I moved into first place and never looked. This car continues to perform consistently with great grip from Pancho Weaver and Chris Willes impressive new chassis design. Pancho Weaver has assembled a great package and team in this new generation 3 Trans Am chassis."

"Surrounding myself with great professionals and the best in the business has streamlined this car's performance level," said Weaver. "Boris Said a super cool personality as well as a awesome driver, developer and longtime friend. Chris Willis one of the top chassis engineer designers today utilizing CAD design we have been able to check clearances and Chassis twist test. Willes involved in the Gen 1 and completely designed the Weaver Gen 2 has learned many things about road racing leading up to this new design. This new Weaver chassis twist resistance far surpasses any chassis now competing in Trans Am today. Ty Manseau, Pancho Weaver and crew handle the cars daily preparation and Ty really does a fabulous job crewing the car when it's on the track. The Penske Dodge NASCAR 356 engine is prepared and built by Scott Corriher and Larry Wallace.  These two guys really make a huge difference in this team. Great dependability and consistent power along with amazing torque keeps this car up front every time out.'

"All of this with unpaired support from our impressive vendors and suppliers like Hyperco / Tilton JRI / Pro fabrication /SRI performance control cables / Aurora rod ends / Pro Systems brakes / Mitch Masten Transmissions & Gear and Stock Car Steel. 
Couple this all together Boris Said - an iconic sponsor like Monster Energy -  Weaver racing chassis and the rest is what it takes  in this ever-increasing competitive Arena of Trans Am racing," said Weaver. "To be consistently be on top and at the front of every race is our goal. New race cars and Rental programs are available buy Weaver racing Concepts."

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