3Dimensional driver’s spotlight: Cameron Lawrence

March 4, 2014

3Dimensional driver’s spotlight: Cameron Lawrence
Exhibiting a dedication to his craft that far exceeds his 21 years, Lawrence has taken TA2, and all of Trans Am, by storm—not just by way of his talent behind the wheel but through the generosity and modesty of his character.    
But what a talent he has.
Lawrence won his first Trans Am race in 2012 at Road Atlanta, the final race of the 2012 season and the first of many victories for Lawrence.  From that point on he’s put on a show; and just as 1996 was the year of Tommy Kendall, 2013 was the year of Cameron Lawrence.   Behind the wheel of the #11, now fittingly #1, Miller Racing Chevrolet Camaro, Lawrence won 8 of 10 races in 2013 and finished the season with seven straight victories while never finishing lower than second all year.
Yet through it all, Lawrence showed the steely desire to continue his pursuit of victory—relentlessly.  Never complacent, never satisfied, despite having the TA2 Championship in hand, he showed the world what champions are made of. 
At the The Earwood Classic, the 2014 Trans Am Championship season opener, Cameron Lawrence showed that he will once again be a force to be reckoned with as he finished first in the TA2 class, thoroughly controlling the race.  
Mike Miller, owner of Miller Racing, once called Cameron Lawrence the future of road racing.  Maybe it’s time to offer an alternative point of view:  Cameron Lawrence is more than just the future of road racing; he may very well be its present.  
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