FanRag: Trans Am added to Super 7 Sweep fantasy racing

February 9, 2017

FanRag: Trans Am added to Super 7 Sweep fantasy racing

TA,TA3 and TA4 races to be featured 

PHONIEX, Ariz. – Attesa and have reprised the Super 7 Sweep fantasy racing game, now following the results of the Trans Am Series, presented by Pirelli, in addition to those from this years’ Formula 1, IndyCar, IMSA, Pirelli World Challenge, NASCAR Cup and MotoGP races.  The free game can be accessed at

“It’s the same game we ran for Dave Despain’s Wind Tunnel TV show on Speed,” said MotorSportsPromos’ Bill Tybur, the ‘Commish’ of the fantasy racing game.  “The series have changed but the rules haven’t. Every weekend you get seven picks.  You have to pick at least one starter per race from the races that are in action.  When the races are over you earn points from your picks.  We track contests per weekend or round, overall points at end of season and points per series picks.”

Tybur is an advertising, branding and marketing specialist and lifelong race fan.  He created his first fantasy racing game in 1989 while working for Checker Schucks Kragen, the auto parts company that was purchased by O’Reilly Auto Parts in 2008.  From 1987 through 2007 CSK sponsored both teams and events in CART, IMSA, NASCAR, NHRA drag racing and other series.

“Honestly, I had just discovered fantasy football and thought why not follow motorsports the same way?” he said.  

Starting with CART, Formula 1 and NASCAR Winston Cup, Tybur began adding more series to the game in following years.  From paper and pencil through faxing and excel spreadsheets, the league went online in 2001, providing games for Circle K, Roush Fenway Racing, the NHRA, SPEED TV and others.  

One thing players noticed about the multi-series game was how they were being forced to become aware of series, cars and drivers they otherwise wouldn’t follow.  If they wanted to score maximum points and beat their private league friends, they had to become educated.

So with that in mind the 2017 Super 7 Sweep has added Trans Am racing to replace WEC sports cars, where everyone always picked the same starters.  Tybur chose America’s Road Racing Series after noticing its growth since 2012 and unlimited potential for the future.

“I remember following Trans Am in the late 60’s through the late 90’s,” said Tybur. “I started following it again a few years ago and liked what I saw.  Now I hope the game can help raise awareness and interest among those who’ve never heard of Amy Ruman, Paul Fix, Simon Gregg and Mary Wright.  It really is great racing that deserves to be noticed.”

Players can sign up today at


About Attesa: 

Attesa, a 2519 acre motorsports and technology community in central Arizona between Phoenix and Tucson.
Attesa will feature a 2.8-mile road course that meets FIA 2 standards, plus a private circuit and club, hotel and convention center, industrial and residential space and a 6000-ft. private air strip.  Designed primarily as a research and development technology center, the road circuit will also host public events.
"The track was designed by Apex Circuit Design in England," said Tybur, "and it's created to please drivers and spectators, with plenty of passing zones, elevation changes and unobstructed viewing.  We're years away from opening but we own the land, have great support from the city, county and state, and we're located in the heart of the Arizona Sun Corridor."
"One of the series we want to race here is Trans Am," he continued.  "We think they'll put on a heck of a show."

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