The Chemtooler is Back!

March 24, 2020

The Chemtooler is Back!


Arlington, Texas–Berryman Products has announced they will be a sponsor of Steven-Miller Racing’s (SMR) efforts in Trans Am’s TA2 category as they go for the Northern Cup Championship. This is the third year of the partnership and the second as a financial backer of the team.

Berryman Products Marketing Director Beau Blankenship said, “After the success of last season, it was no-brainer for our team to sign on for another run at a Trans Am championship. We are thrilled to associate ourselves with the winning culture of Stevens-Miller Racing and we wish them the best of luck on their journey throughout the 2020 season. We started by supplying the team with product in 2018 and we’ve continued to build on that foundation and partnership.”

For the second season “Big Daddy” Ed Roth’s Chemtooler cartoon character is back on the sides of one of SMR’s entries. For 2020, it is on the No. 12 Mustang driven by Alex Wright. “The car is a total show stopper,” Blankenship said. “Ed Roth did the original Chemtooler prior to his passing and it’s a character that kids and adults both love. Joe and his team came up with the design last year and it’s a real attention getter – not just on the car but on the hauler as well. Our Mustang will continue to build our brand as the amazing graphics definitely get the attention of fans of all ages.”

SMR Driver Alex Wright said, “I'm thrilled to be at the wheel of one of the most recognizable and popular cars in the field. The car, the hauler, and the Chemtooler get such a response from the fans it's fun to be a part of it.  Beyond the car, Berryman has been great to work with. They're a great American company and their support for the team and the series has been wonderful. I'll try my best to keep the Chemtooler in the mix as we go for the Northern Cup Championship.”  

Stevens-Miller Racing Owner Joe Stevens said, “Building ridiculously fast race cars, providing unmatched Trans Am TA2 racing services and fighting for championships is what SMR is known for. 2020 marks the third year SMR and Berryman Products have been partners. Our first event at Sebring International Raceway, provided the necessary data to challenge for TA2’s Northern Cup Championship with everything we have. During the extended break we will make our platform even stronger. 

“The support from Berryman Products and their products absolutely help keep SMR at the front. Silicon sprays, penetrating oils, brake cleaner and so much more – Berryman Products in its more than 100-year history have never sacrificed its product quality and consistency. Their team of chemists, production and management people at the Arlington headquarters makes them who they are and is what makes Berryman so special. Just like our team, it is the commitment of our people to be the best that makes us both successful.”


About Stevens-Miller Racing:

Stevens-Miller Racing (SMR) has one of the highest winning percentages in Trans Am’s TA2 category. SMR’s staff has earned 30-plus podiums, three championships, multiple Hard Charger Awards, Rookie of the Year, and more. The team’s focus is achieving the driver’s desired goals be it Arrive & Drive or pro. See for more details about our programs.


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