Team 7 Racing Selected as Sales Agent for Trans Am Series

October 29, 2019

Team 7 Racing Selected as Sales Agent for Trans Am Series

Miami, FL (29 October 2019)-  The Trans Am Race Company has contracted long-time series advocate Mack Gouge and his Columbus, Georgia-based Team 7 Racing, Inc. sales associates to assist in series sponsorship sales.

“Mack Gouge has been a Trans Am entrant and a sponsor in Trans Am by way of Cool Shirt Systems,” said Trans Am Company president John Clagett. “He is a Trans Am enthusiast with undeniable passion for the Trans Am Series.  He’s excited about Trans Am and wants to assist by using his skills as a businessman and as a Trans Am enthusiast to development partnerships and sponsorships.   We wish him all the success in his effort to identify and secure additional partners to the Trans Am Series that would put us in a better position to quickly expand the series’ marketing platform.”

"I can remember going to Daytona in the early 70’s for my first Trans Am race,” said Team 7 Racing owner Gouge. “Seeing Roger Penske and Mark Donohue in the red, white and blue AMC Javelin as well as Bud Moore and his yellow Mustang’s with George Follmer and Parnelli Jones and his drivers, Dan Gurney with his AAR Cudas. I knew one day I wanted to do this, so in 1974 I started Team 7 Racing. My partner and I bought Coolshirt Systems in 2014 and became a Trans Am series partner in 2015. The Trans Am series has grown every year and Team 7 Racing is proud to be a part of its future through our participation in securing a title sponsor for the series." 

For more information on the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli, visit and to learn more about Team 7 Racing and its sales acquisition efforts visit


Mack Gouge: (706) 464-2068

Richard Stafford: (470) 313-5254

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