Katech Announces 2020 TA2 Series Podium Awards Program

February 10, 2020

Katech Announces 2020 TA2 Series Podium Awards Program

DETROIT – February 3, 2020 – Katech today announced it will continue its popular Podium Awards Program for drivers participating in 2020 Trans Am TA2 National Series Events. 

The Katech Kash Program awards drivers winning an event with a digital certificate, which they can redeem for $500 off the rebuild of an existing TA2 engine or the purchase of a new Katech TA2 engine.

Drivers taking second place receive a certificate for $300, and drivers taking third receive a certificate for $100.  Katech Kash certificates will be issued for all 12 national TA2 events.  Last year, Katech awarded a total of $2500 to TA2 drivers, with $1600 going to a singe team.

The program is for Chevy or Ford engines only.

“TA2 is a very demanding series, and we think it’s only right to reward drivers that take it full on with total confidence in our engines,” said Beau Bradley, Race Program Manager for Katech.  As Katech’s dedicated TA2 Track Side Support Technician, Bradley attends TA2 events nationwide to support team preparations.

“We are happy to put an exclamation point on the end of race day with these awards.”

Trans Am event organizers will validate podium winners for each race and send the official results to Katech within 24 hours.  Katech will then issue the certificates to race team owners.  The teams have one year from the date of issue to redeem the certificates.


About Katech

Katech is a leading provider of high-performance engines and components for professional motorsports programs worldwide.  The company takes what it learns on the track to also provide performance engines, components, and vehicle packages for the automotive aftermarket.  Katech also delivers highly machined engine and vehicle components and other products to corporate customers. Over the past 40 years, Katech has built a reputation for extreme performance, exceptional durability, and outstanding quality. Learn more at 866-KATECH1.  Follow Katech at Facebook: KatechPerformance; Instagram: Katech_Inc; Twitter: KatechInc; and YouTube: KatechPerformance.

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