Have You Seen This Yet?

May 13, 2019

Have You Seen This Yet?

In case you're not part of the 112,000+ people that have viewed the latest Hoonigan Build Biology video of Michele Abbate and the Grr Racing TA2 Chevy Camaro, here's a direct link for your convenience:

Michele, a former Hoonigan contestant from their first Driver Search, stopped by the Donut Garage in Long Beach California to shed some light on her new Trans Am TA2 Chevy Camaro.  "It's always great to pay a visit to our friends at Hoonigan and now that we are campaigning our new Grr Racing TA2 Chevy Camaro in the Trans Am Series it made perfect sense to bring it for an episode of Build Biology," explained driver and team owner Michele Abbate.

Jon Chase, host of the episode, takes his first look at the tube chassis car and he asks questions about the build, components, and specs of the series.  "Trans Am has been my dream for a very long time and my goal is to get the series in front of a younger crowd so that they can appreciate the heritage and future of the series - Hoonigan is an excellent avenue for doing exactly that!" Michele shares. 

Be sure to check out the video to get the low down on Michele, her car, and be sure to follow her on facebook, twitter, and instagram @M1cheleAbbate www.grrracing.com

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