Damon Racing looking forward to final-four races of 2016 Trans-Am TA-2 season

October 6, 2016

Damon Racing looking forward to final-four races of 2016 Trans-Am TA-2 season

TEAM RELEASE October 5, 2016 - In a little less than six weeks time, Damon Racing, and driver Tom Sheehan will have competed at four iconic racetracks in the Southeastern United States. Homestead, FL, NOLA Motorsports Park, LA, Circuit of the America’s, TX and Daytona International Speedway, FL.

The Homestead-Miami event is Race No. 8 of the 12, which are points paying events for 2016. The first eight races and the Detroit GP (non-points) were spread over 210 days, while the final four are packed into just 34 days. It is going to be an exciting, but grueling end of season. 

St. Petersburg, Florida: This weekend’s Trans-Am Series race at Homestead-Miami Speedway sets the stage for 2016’s final events. With the season beginning in early March, it was late September before the ninth event took place. The final four are compressed into a much shorter period.

At this point in the season, teams and drivers know in not-so-many days, each Class Champion of the 50th Anniversary season of Trans-Am will be determined.

Many believe it will be the most punishing of times of the entire season – as it adds thousands of transport and flying miles, maximum hours of preparations and commitments compressed into a time certain schedule.

For driver Tom Sheehan and his Damon Racing crew it is an exciting time. Four racing venues, well over 400 miles of competition, packed into 34 days. This is also an exciting time for the Trans-Am Series and its partners; it is the last stretch of Podium chances for drivers and teams. 

For race fans, this will be tremendous. 

“This is what we enjoy and why I’m part of the Series,” Sheehan began. “Our Howe Chevy Camaro has been solid each time out, with my guys and I continuing to answer racing’s challenges. Our last few races have pushed our confidence to new heights, but getting stronger results looks like it will be up to the racing gods.

“For these last events,” he added, “we need to be absolutely prepared. I will need to provide the best feedback to my crew and take care of the car to the best of my ability. Each track in these final shows has its own personality, so having a clean car to start each weekend will be important.” 

From the time the Damon Racing transporter left Bow, New Hampshire for Sunday’s TA-2 Powered by AEM Race at Homestead-Miami, to its arrival November 8th at Daytona International Speedway, it will travel approximately 5,860 miles. 

“There’s been lots of logistics and car preparation going on with my guys preparing both cars.”

“While part of the team was putting in a new ‘Bullitt’ and completing the final checks on our primary #97 racecar, the back-up car, recently re-bodied at Howe’s, was also being prepared. (Sheehan suffered an engine loss with five laps to go while racing for 5th at VIR)

“Though we lack results from the last few races, we are staying focused. Our performance and our finishes haven’t synced-up, but racing into the top-5 is the direction we want to continue.” 

“Either-way we are ready for the final push of the season.

“Trans-Am continues to build an amazing Series with exposure through television and Social media. Participating in the TA-2 Class of Trans-Am has been very rewarding. With the schedule already released for 2017, there are great things ahead,” concluded Sheehan. 
While attending any Trans-Am Series event come into the paddock and stop by for a visit with Tom Sheehan and the Damon Racing team. Look for the bright yellow #97 LTK Insulation Technologies Chevrolet Camaro. 

Damon Racing in 30 Seconds: 
Home - Bow, New Hampshire 
Driver – Tom Sheehan 
Twitter – TomTA2_97 
Facebook – Damon Racing and Tom Sheehan 
Car Number #97 
Car Color – Yellow 
Make - Chevrolet Camaro 
Sponsor – LTK Insulation Technologies 
Trans-Am Series - TA-2 Competitor 
Tom Sheehan Professional races to-date - 17 
Top-Ten Finishes -13 
Top-Five Finishes - 2 

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